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  • Wibu-Systems' AxProtector CTP offers advanced protection for native applications on Windows, Linux, and macOS, featuring Compile Time Obfuscation and control flow encryption to protect against reverse engineering. Ideal for macOS ARM platforms, it integrates with the compile process, ensuring higher IP protection. This new variant, compatible with a modified Clang compiler, is suitable for software developers prioritizing robust security and intellectual property protection.
  • CodeMeter supports Kubernetes to provide secure licensing in distributed environments. It involves setting up a CodeMeter license server in a container and configuring network access for application containers. Options for licensing include cloud-based CmCloudContainers, ideal for applications with permanent Internet access, or CmDongles/CmActLicenses for on-site installations. The selection of licensing method depends on redundancy, performance needs, and the operational environment of Kubernetes.
  • Wibu-Systems introduces CmReady, expanding its offer for industrial devices. CmReady merges the convenience of CodeMeter's software-based protection with third-party CodeMeter-certified hardware. It allows licenses to be securely stored on industry-compliant storage cards like Swissbit Data Protection SD/microSD cards, offering portability and ease of use, especially for situations when dongle slots are unavailable and memory cards already in use.
  • CodeMeter License Portal now features a multi-level hierarchical structure for license management. Users access personal and group licenses, while administrators oversee licenses at various group levels, limited to their hierarchical position. This system suits e.g. scenarios where software manufacturers manage their resellers, resellers can only see their own and their customers’ licenses, and customers can manage their licenses in a flat list or divide them into branches.


  • Wibu-Systems は、年々広がりを見せる3Dプリントとアディティブマニュファクチャリング(積層造形)の分野で、セキュリティのフロントランナーとしての地位を確立しています。DaimlerがDaimlerおよびSetraブランドのオムニバス用に開始した革新的な3Dプリント可能な部品・コンポーネント事業に、現在CodeMeterの保護技術が組み込まれており、Wibu-Systemsは、デザインと課金・プリントプロセスの両方を保護するセキュリティ技術の現実的な能力を実証しています。
  • セルフサービスポータルは、CmDongleとCmActLicenseと同様にCmCloudContainerもサポートし、ベンダーからの手動サポートを必要とせず、エンドユーザー自身がライセンスを作成できるようになりました。通常のユーザー名とパスワードの組み合わせでログインできるため、ライセンスの取り扱いを快適かつ円滑に行うことができます。
  • 開発者がソースコードの特に機密性の高い部分にフラグを立て、CmDongleの安全な環境に移動して実行するハイエンドな保護オプションのCodeMoving technology技術が、CmCloudでも使用可能になりました。CmCloudContainerは、CmDongleのスマートカードチップと同様に、コードが実行されるブラックボックスとなり、攻撃者の目から遠ざけることができます。
  • CodeMeter License CentralとLicense Portalの新たな組み合わせにより、サブスクリプションの自動更新がより簡単になりました。ERPシステムを通じて購入またはトリガーされた更新や、リセラーを通じて販売された新しいタイムコンティンジェントに加えて、ライセンスサブスクリプションを更新するためのより快適なオプションが追加されています。


  • Pythonは、開発者の間で関心が急上昇しており、機械学習やAIなど、デジタル時代の最先端にある多くの主要技術で選択される言語となりつつあります。CodeMeterのユーザーは、すでにプリコンパイルされたプラットフォーム依存のPythonアプリケーションを保護することができましたが、新しいAxProtector Pythonは、その暗号化および保護機能をPythonコード自体にもたらし、プラットフォームに依存しない状態を維持します。さらにこの新技術は、メソッドレベルでの暗号化を活用し、実行時に保護されたメソッドのオンデマンド復号化を導入することで、保護機能を高めています。
  • Wibu-Systemsは、新しいAxProtector JavaScriptで、JavaScriptのネイティブサポートを展開します。このツールにより、開発者は機械語に変換せずに、JavaScriptコードをそのままの形で暗号化することができます。暗号化はメソッドレベルで行われ、実行時に保護されたメソッドをオンデマンドで復号することができます。AxProtector JavaScriptは、Node.jsやElectronなどのNodeベースのアプリケーションをサポートしています。
  • CodeMeter License Centralの拡張機能であるCustomer Licensing Adapter (CLA)は、開発者がCLAをプロセスに組み込むだけで、既存のライセンスシステムや独自のライセンスシステムからCodeMeterの快適さへの切り替えを容易にすることができるようにします。
  • Wibu-Systemsは、CmCloudContainersでクラウドソリューションを拡大します。CmCloudContainerは、CmDongleとCmActLicenseに加え、ドングルの高度な保護機能とソフトウェアコンテナの携帯性と多様性を組み合わせ、ライセンスの展開を容易にします。新しいユーザーベースのバインディングシステムにより、コンテナはユーザーのクレデンシャルと安全にリンクされます。


  • Wibu-Systems は、BlackBerry 社のPOSIX 準拠の QNX® Neutrino®リアルタイムオペレーティングシステムのサポートを追加しました。医療技術から航空、産業オートメーションに至る先端分野の組み込みミッションクリティカルシステムに好んで使用されているこのRTOSは、信頼性と経済性を考慮して設計されており、CodeMeterの暗号化およびライセンス機能の組み込みシステム用ソリューションであるCodeMeter Embeddedに完全にマッチしています。
  • SAP PartnerEdgeの新メンバーとして、Wibu-SystemsはSAPとのパートナーシップを拡大し、SAP Entitlement Management Systemと統合するCodeMeter Connectorを開発しました。SAP Entitlement Managementは、エンタイトルメントプロセスを合理化し、販売から提供までのステップをシームレスに促進するために構築され、オンラインまたはオフラインでユーザーのデバイス上の技術的エンタイトルメントの提供および管理を行うCodeMeter License Centralと組み合わせて利用可能です。
  • 仮想マシン用の SmartBind 技術により、Wibu-Systems はソフトウェアパブリッシャーの長年の悩みの一つである、物理コンピューティング環境の確実性を奪う仮想環境における製品とIPの確実なライセンシングに取り組んでいます。AWSや人気のDockerコンテナなど、一般的なVMサービスと完璧に連携するCodeMeterのバインド技術は、たとえ仮想マシンであっても、ライセンスのバインドを安定かつ安全に保つことができるほど洗練されています。


  • Launch of CodeMeter Certificate Vault, a hardware-based key storage provider for PKCS#11, Microsoft CNG, and OpenSSL certificates, designed to securely store and provide access to the keys for TLS certificates or OPC UA instances. Its ultimate mission of is to identify machines and human operators with absolute certainty. The new solution is also fully interoperable with all CodeMeter enabled license and entitlement workflows.
  • Using licenses wherever, whenever, and however has become possible with CodeMeter Cloud, the fully rounded solution for licensing living entirely in the cloud. The infrastructure is characterized by extreme security, utmost scalability, high performance, complete interoperability, and maximum flexibility, and the underlying system provides uniform processes for both online and offline license management.
  • With its new CmStick/D family, Wibu-Systems introduces a set of hardware secure elements equipped with the USB-C connector to keep up with the latest devices that are setting the market in motion. With a case that combines the sturdiness of metal and with customizable parts in plastic, this additional series includes units with MLC, pSLC, or no flash memory.
  • With the CodeMeter Triple Mode Redundancy (TMR) Server architecture, server outages in networks are no longer a concern: licenses remain reliably accessible thanks to a solution that combines high availability, top performance, and uninterrupted access to licenses even during server maintenance.
  • Protecting trial and demo software or enabling freemium models that can be expanded, enriched, and leveled up with in-app purchases is now possible with IP Protection, a dedicated module of CodeMeter Protection Suite that works without CodeMeter Runtime or CodeMeter Embedded. With IP Protection, licensing becomes an option, not a must.
  • The fingerprinting of CmActLicenses was optimized with CodeMeter 6.90. A special fingerprint in Microsoft Azure virtual environments makes sure that CmActLicenses stay valid when the virtual machine is moved but becomes invalid when a clone is created. Reset detection for virtual machines has been refined, rendering CmActLicenses invalid, if a virtual machine is restored to an earlier state. Support for Docker containers has also been improved.
  • AxProtector .NET comes with a new high-speed cache, which improves performance and security of the protected assemblies.
  • CodeMeter Embedded now supports MIPS implementations, porting to ARM64 platforms, VxWorks SR 06x0 versions, and BlackBerry QNX 7.0.


  • The new CmStick "B series"The hardware product lineup of Wibu-Systems continues to grow with a new product line, which includes not just the CmStick/BMC released at the end of 2017, but also CmStick/B and CmStick/BMI. All three devices, with their unmistakably robust and classy metal casing, meet the technical requirements for commercial (MLC flash memory) and OEM (pSLC flash memory) grades.
  • CodeMeter is selected by Phoenix Contact as the best-in-class technology to streamline license and entitlement management of their PLCnext control system solution. The major reasons that drove the integration of CodeMeter into PC Worx Engineer were its support for different ERP implementations already in the field as well as the scalability and modularity of Wibu-Systems’ technology.
  • CodeMeter integrated with Intel SGXCodeMeter successfully passes the enablement test for SGX, Intel's architecture extension designed to increase the security of application code and data. Currently available for Windows, CodeMeter uses SGX enclaves to keep the binding properties safe in memory during runtime and enable even better licensing and software protection.
  • With the launch of CodeMeter Embedded 2.1, Wibu-Systems introduces a new structural and business model that allows intelligent device manufacturers to download an SDK specific to their operating system and architecture within 24 hours of their order.


  • CodeMeter integrated with Siemens TIA PortalWibu-Systems develops a password provider for Siemens’ Totally Integrated Automation Portal V14 SP1 or higher based on their Password API that allows all engineers employing the TIA Portal® to store and manage their TIA Portal passwords in a remarkably sophisticated secure hardware element, a CmDongle. 
  • Generation 2.0 of CoceMeter EmbeddedCodeMeter Embedded 2.0 is the new breed of our runtime environment, supporting the complete array of platforms and operating systems that intelligent device manufacturers rely upon, including Intel x86, PPC, ARM, Windows, Linux, Android, VxWorks, and QNX. The modularity and scalability of CodeMeter Embedded 2.0 allows developers to integrate only the functionality they need for the smallest footprint possible.
  • Blurry BoxBlurry Box is a novel software protection scheme that uses seven published methods (creation, modification, and encryption of code variants, insertion of traps, decryption delays, choice of code variant, and state of the engine in the dongle). With such complexity, a would-be attacker would find it easier and less expensive to develop similar software from scratch than to hack the original software.
  • CodeMeter Cloud Lite has opened the door to license management in the cloud, fully interoperable with traditional implementations. CodeMeter Cloud Lite enables developers to easily license their SaaS applications, standard PC software, or mobile apps via the cloud. The server interfaces directly with CodeMeter License Central for streamlined license and entitlement management.
  • CmStick/BMCCmStick/BMC, the latest generation of our hardware elements for the secure licensing of digital know-how and the smallest model with flash memory available in the world market, has won third place at the 2017 Automation Awards. CmStick/BMC introduces innovative and miniaturized components in the architectural design, like SiP (System in Package), for an extremely compact, robust, and elegant layout.


  • Starting with CodeMeter 6.10 and CodeMeter License Central 2.20, software vendors can define whether and for how long their users can transfer licenses offline, leaving users free to either use the license directly on the server or borrow the license temporarily and transfer it to their local CmContainer for up to the maximum timeframe allowed.
  • The excellence of CmDongles with flash mass storage starts with its ingenious security design: all hardware secure elements equipped with NAND flash memory couple Infineon’s EAL5+ evaluated smart card chips with Hyperstone’s flash memory controllers, characterized by high quality and endurance standards, advanced flash memory management software, and long term component availability.
  • The new CmASIC is recommended for small devices and embedded boards; among its innovative technical features, CodeMeter ASIC supports both USB and SPI communications, operates in environments subject to extreme temperature fluctuations (-40°C to +105°C), and is delivered in a 5x5 mm chip size VQFN-32 package.
  • The ANSI C based OPC UA SDK from Unified Automation integrates CodeMeter Embedded technology and offers manufacturers in the automation industry a ready-to-use set of tools to incorporate software licensing and greater security features in OPC UA architectures. Symmetric and asymmetric encryption keys are securely stored in CmDongles, ensuring the identity of the devices and the confidentiality and integrity of data.
  • Trusted Platform Modules add to the already vast array of hardware secure elements CodeMeter supports. The software runs only on the designated machine, device, or embedded system where the CmDongle is mounted (incl. USB dongles, memory cards, ASICs and TPMs) and provides the functionalities associated with the secure license, safe from any sort of hacking.


  • Integration of CodeMeter with SAP to offer a unified workflow for license entitlement, data reporting, and analysis
  • Support for Windows 10 offered immediately upon Microsoft’s release of the new platform to the public
  • Addition of CodeMeter µEmbedded to the CodeMeter modular family to provide security for Field Programmable Gate Arrays and microcontrollers
  • Expansion of the license hosting services to include the High Performance Edition and High Availability Package services
  • Development of a third generation of CmDongles with a greater temperature range for industrial applications in harsh environments, EAL 5+ evaluation, and new features, including the Universal Firm Code


  • Extended temperature range and latest security certificate support through the implementation of Infineon’s controllers
  • CodeMeter Embedded, the new generation technology for the embedded world
  • CodeMeter Protection Suite, a comprehensive platform for PC, PLC, and embedded systems
  • Deep integration with VxWorks 7, resulting in a Wind River Security Profile and Wibu-Systems CodeMeter Security add-on
  • Blurry Box®, the innovative cryptographic method from Wibu-Systems, FZI and KIT
  • Support for Raspberry Pi achieved through a dedicated and preconfigured CodeMeter SDK


  • CmCompact Runtime enhancements, integration in VxWorks EDK with code signing and integrity protection
  • CmCompact Runtime QNX Support
  • CmCard/CFast
  • CmWan


  • 2048 bit RSA key
  • CmSticks in USB format, quick swap between HID and mass storage communication
  • Support of CODESYS IEC61131 development environment


  • Launch of the CmStick/C, the world's smallest USB CodeMeter stick
  • Launch of the CmStick/T with an uninterruptible clock


  • Larger license and data memory (384 KB), allowing up to 6,000 individually licensed functions
  • CmCards in microSD, SD and CF format with up to 16 GB flash memory for industrial applications
  • Support for embedded operating system e.g. Wind River's VxWorks


  • Launch of CodeMeter License Central for generating, managing, and shipping licenses
  • Flexible license borrowing for all combinations of dongles and CmActLicenses


  • Launch of CmActLicense, a software-based licensing method


  • Launch of CmStick with rugged metal tamper-proof casing and optional laser engraving to custom specifications


  • AxProtector for automatic software protection without changing the source code, for native code running on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux as well as Java and .NET, for CodeMeter and WibuKey in a protected application
  • All WibuBoxes with 16 KB memory and FEAL-32 with 64 bit keys (export restrictions loosened, compatible with V1 from 1989 and V2 from 1990)
  • CmStick wins iF Design Award
  • First CmStick/M, dongle with flash disk


  • Launch of CodeMeter with groundbreaking features:
    • Highest level security with smart card chips at its heart
    • Use of AES-128, ECC-224, RSA-1024, SHA-256 standard encryption methods, all usable via API
    • Large 64 KB license and data memory, space for more than 1,000 individually licensed functions
    • Internal tamper-proof clock in the CodeMeter dongle
    • Driverless: Mass storage communication used
    • Firmware update possible i.e. customer has access to revisions and new functions without sending in hardware
    • Development tools simultaneously support WibuKey and CodeMeter


  • First elementary CodeMeter patent filed


  • WibuBox/U with USB interface


  • Wibu-Systems receives ISO 9001 certification


  • New award-winning WibuBox/P housing
  • Encryption of individual functions (AXAN, known today as IxProtector)


  • WibuBox/M in PCMCIA card format


  • WibuKey with serial interface and available as a plug-in card
  • Automatic protection of Windows and DOS applications without modifications to the source code
  • WibuKey dongles with FEAL algorithm from NTT in Japan, backwards compatible with V1 from 1989
  • 4 billion different encryptions per license entry


  • WibuKey: Single-user and network dongle, still available in 2013
  • Licensing of up to 240 individual software functions with a single dongle
  • Software encryption only once, individual licensing for all customers
  • WibuKey available as an ASIC
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