Wibu Academy


The Wibu Academy is a platform for courses and training delivered by Wibu-Systems top experts on hot topics that are in line with the goals of the House of IT Security: boosting IT security in research and practice. The range of sessions is split into two separate paths:

  • Cybersecurity in life applications – from the basics of cryptography and secure software development to AI security and Post Quantum Cryptography
    These classes address the needs of software developers.
  • Publicly funded research projects – best practices for application and management
    These events mostly target the requirements of top management

Please visit the German page to read all the details about our event calendar.


With its open and creative working spaces and cutting-edge technology equipment, the IT Security Club is the ideal venue for welcoming groups of up to 50 attendees.


To make the experience even more valuable, additional sessions with Wibu-Systems’ consultants can be booked upon request to delve into security project requirements or learn about the collaborative opportunities at the IT Security Club.


Initially, the seminars are offered in German language only.


Some topics require previous expertise in the specific subject matter – please check notes in this regard that may be added to the event description.


No fee will be applied to students as long as they confirm their status at the registration desk.

For all other attendees: Upon registering online, you will receive a commercial invoice. Fees are due in full prior to the start of the event.


No recording, filming or photography is allowed.

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