Lean License Entitlement via SAP


Turnkey Solution to Streamline Software Delivery

Gestione diretta delle licenze software da SAP grazie all’integrazione con CodeMeter

Informatics Holding and Wibu-Systems have partnered over the last few months to develop a solution that offers a significant advancement in back office performance. Through the integration of CodeMeter with SAP, license entitlement is incorporated within the existing workflow - a superior advantage for ISVs.

SAP is considered the leader in the ERP category with their comprehensive accounting and distribution software suites along with tightly integrated financials, manufacturing, human resource, payroll and customer relationship management software systems. Many software publishers have therefore opted for SAP for full back office administration. The elegant integration with CodeMeter, the all-in-one solution for protecting, licensing and securing software applications, further rationalizes back office processes.

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Thanks to the tight connection between the two technologies, whenever a customer order for software licenses is entered into SAP, an automatic connection is established between SAP and Wibu-Systems CodeMeter License Central Internet Edition. A license is created in License Central, returned back to SAP as activation code, and then delivered via email or printed on a delivery note to the end user. The end user activates the license via a license portal or an activation wizard integrated into the software he has purchased.

Software publishers that have chosen SAP are already familiar with its processes; the additional step in the workflow introduced with CodeMeter accelerates the learning curve and the operations of the back office personnel, preventing manual intervention in license management and accidental transcription mistakes of license activations. Additionally, activations are reported back from CodeMeter License Central to SAP, creating a unique repository for license entitlement, data reporting and analysis.

“The partnership with Informatics, based on complementary skills and a common mission goal, has already bore fruit in the form of a running demonstration made available in the fall of last year. As a certified SAP partner, they have delivered true professionalism and a deep understanding of the SAP world, thus facilitating the pairing of CodeMeter with SAP”, declares Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems.

“We are grateful to be able to add this turnkey solution to our arsenal. Its cost effectiveness and convenient implementation can sensibly expedite and simplify back office procedures. The ROI that ISVs will benefit from will materialize in the first months of use. And for those who need assistance, we can offer personalized trainings and consultancy services that will accompany them through the interfacing of production and accounting modules”, adds Henry Ritzlmayr, CTO at Informatics.

In the roadmap ahead, Informatics and Wibu-Systems are committed to bring to market an out-of-the-box version that will feature an even swifter implementation. Customers will find their demands met through the creativity, as well as the solution-oriented thinking of both companies.

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