CodeMeter, the software protection and licensing solution, is ready for Windows 10


Manufacturers can continue protecting and licensing their software hassle-free

The entire CodeMeter product line now fully supports Windows 10.

With its history of effective cooperation and Gold OEM partnership with Microsoft®, Wibu-Systems was an early adopter of their new operating system Windows® 10. This has put Wibu-Systems in a perfect position to guarantee a smooth migration for the users of CodeMeter®, its all-in-one technology for software protection, licensing, and security. The extensive rounds of tests allowed a hand-picked pool of customers to verify the stability of the solution months before Windows 10 was released to the market. Windows 10 is the newest addition to the range of operating systems like Windows, Linux, or OS X and the specific systems for industrial applications already supported by Wibu-Systems.

Regardless of whether software vendors protect their software with hardware-based (CmDongle) or software-based (CmActLicense) solutions, they can download the latest release of CodeMeter from Wibu-Systems' website ( and immediately start enjoying its benefits and new features without being forced to make cumbersome adjustments to their own software.

In addition to the support for Windows 10, Wibu-Systems also has the compatibility of its CmDongles regularly re-evaluated by Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs. In August, the new CmStick/MC, a USB dongle equipped with metal case and MLC flash memory, passed the extensive tests under submission number 1745415.

Moreover, Wind River®, the manufacturer of the leading real-time operating system VxWorks® who integrated CodeMeter deeply in its Security Profile, has officially granted the title of "Platinum Member" to Wibu-Systems.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems, explains: "Our early support of Windows 10 represents an excellent example of the responsiveness of our development team, who are always committed to keeping up with or even anticipating new platform releases. The numerous solution partnerships we have been nourishing over the years offer us the opportunity to swiftly deliver highly qualified new versions of our software and hardware products."

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