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CodeMeter comes preloaded with a versatile repertoire of user-friendly recovery mechanisms, blacklists, and smart license configurations to prevent the illicit use of the original license you delivered and ensure that lost licenses are just a brief inconvenience.

The Fine Balance of Trust


Upselling features to existing customers is a great way to increase revenue with lower investment costs. See how you can protect a modular .NET application, sell the basic module first with limited functionality, and upsell additional modules over time.

Focus on your Sales Strategy

ウイブシステムズのソリューションを使用する多くのユーザーにとって信頼性は重要です。ライセンスにアクセスできない状態が1分間続くと、ビジネスの損失や重大なインシデントへの対応ができなくなる可能性があります。CodeMeter TMR Serverは、専用の2-out-of-3ライセンス概念を使用して、必要な時にいつでもライセンスを利用できるようにします。



ライセンスシステムをCodeMeter Cloudへ移行する準備しましょう! CmCloudは、新しいクラウドコンテナーに特別にユーザーと紐づいたライセンスがあり、使いやすさと比類のないセキュリティと信頼性を兼ね備えています。さらに使い慣れたCodeMeter Protection Suiteを引き続き使用できます。



Our webinars are designed to keep you up to date with the newest innovations and content coming from Wibu-Systems: Find out how CmCloudLite brings together the online and offline worlds for licensing software as a service, fully integrated into the tried and trusted CodeMeter universe.

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Keep track of what’s going on in the industry with Wibu-Systems’ white papers: The one on “Electronic License Delivery” explores the role CodeMeter License Central can play in perfecting the administration and logistics of software licensing with great scalability and user-friendly web-based license management.

Optimize your ELD management