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Professional developers know why they remain loyal fans of Wibu-Systems: It is the access to a versatile range of multi-platform tools and solutions that make protecting and licensing software the easiest thing in the world. Our download center includes the full complement of developer kits, APIs, and a complete set of tools for most languages and multiple platforms.

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CodeMeter comes preloaded with a versatile repertoire of user-friendly recovery mechanisms, blacklists, and smart license configurations to prevent the illicit use of the original license you delivered and ensure that lost licenses are just a brief inconvenience.

The Fine Balance of Trust


Upselling features to existing customers is a great way to increase revenue with lower investment costs. See how you can protect a modular .NET application, sell the basic module first with limited functionality, and upsell additional modules over time.

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Reliability is king for many users of Wibu-Systems’ solutions: a minute without access to licenses can mean business lost or critical incidents not responded to. The CodeMeter TMR server uses a dedicated 2-out-of-3 licensing concept to ensure that your licenses are available whenever you need them.

High Availability Made Easy


Get your licensing system ready for lift-off with CodeMeter Cloud! With special user-bound cloud licenses in a new cloud container, CmCloud combines ease of use with unparalleled security and reliability – and you can continue to use the CodeMeter Protection Suite you know and love.

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The Lite version of CodeMeter Cloud is not actually a bare-bones iteration of our solution; it is instead a server application that provides licenses created with CodeMeter License Central for SaaS applications or software on mobile devices using an existing user management system.

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Keep track of what’s going on in the industry with Wibu-Systems’ white papers: The one on “Electronic License Delivery” explores the role CodeMeter License Central can play in perfecting the administration and logistics of software licensing with great scalability and user-friendly web-based license management.

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