Cloud Licensing


In the cloud, protection and licensing come in many shapes and guises:

  • Software developers want to enable their users to access local software with a license kept in the cloud.
  • Software developers supply their users with SaaS solutions operated in the cloud. The required licenses might be tied to a single user or a given number of devices.
  • Software developers want their users to have a reliable means of authentication for using their SaaS applications.
  • Users might want to install and run software independently on their own private clouds.

Cloud Licenses for SaaS Applications

You can offer your users a SaaS application with unrestricted or temporary licenses for different features. CodeMeter Cloud Lite offers you a simple and lean way of reconciling the online and offline worlds, especially when you are already using CodeMeter for on-premise software and have integrated the license creation processes with your SAP, Salesforce, or any other ERP, CRM or e-commerce system.

The licenses for SaaS applications are created in the same manner that is used for on-premise licenses; they only differ in the binding scheme, using CodeMeter Cloud Lite in the place of CodeMeter SmartBind or CmDongles. A license is created and assigned to a user in a process that does not differ from the activation of a local license – you can even combine both forms. You can integrate your user admin processes with Single-Sign-On solutions like OAuth2 or SAML.

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