Forum Safety & Security 2020

2020-06-23 - 2020-06-24
Virtual event

Safety and security are deeply intertwined. The Forum Safety & Security will examine the various aspects of these two spheres, the interaction of the two worlds, and the available cross-applications from an industrial and automotive perspective, shedding light on the hardware and software components, methods and tools, best practices and certification programs in the field.

Wibu-Systems is standing up for a complete and interoperable cybersecurity system, one that addresses the protection and the integrity of digital assets (whether software, firmware, or sensitive data), the security of communication channels, and the identity of the endpoints and actors involved in the digital exchange. With CodeMeter, Wibu-Systems provides a modular and scalable solution that covers all of the above: Protection Suite encrypts the binaries, Certificate Vault provides key storage in hardware secure elements, and License Central ties it all up with a comprehensive license, entitlement, and certificate deployment system.

In his quest to provide industrial enterprises and manufacturers with a current picture of the challenges they may be facing and the solutions they can start implementing right now,  Guenther Fischer, Senior Consultant, Licensing and Protection, at Wibu-Systems, will host the lecture Digital certificates, or the free approach of Precht "Who am I, and if so, how many?” on Wed, 24 June 2020, 4.30 pm to 5.10 pm.

Digital certificates are used to uniquely identify persons and devices. Each target is associated with a keypair: the private key stays with the user or device, and a central instance (Certificate Authority or CA) confirms that the associated public key is in fact assigned to this person or device. This confirmation takes the form of a digital certificate. Once the identity has been proven, cryptographic operations can be performed with the private key as the anchor and the public key for verification. The validity of the certificate is also checked. Certificates are vastly more secure than passwords: while the latter can be passed on deliberately or accidentally and hacked quite easily, especially if not strong enough, certificates provide multiple layers of security. The only hurdle that has prevented their widespread use is the complexity of their rollout process – a barrier now fully overcome with CodeMeter Certificate Vault, whose integration into a backend system significantly simplifies the complete workflow.

Join the community of forward thinkers, see which standards, tools, and features can truly make a difference for your enterprise to thrive in the Industrie 4.0 era, and start protecting your business legally and operationally right now.

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