Document Protection


SmartShelter|SDL protects your documents or files from illicit use or copy

SmartShelter|SDL supports a wide range of document and file types.

The only prerequisite is a reader or player, which can display the document or play the file without allowing edits.

You can safeguard your technical documentation, service documents, or graphic files and drawings (e.g. Navis Works files) against unauthorized access.

For PDF files, CodeMeter offers SmartShelter|PDF, a solution specially tailored to PDF.

Benefits to users of SmartShelter|SDL

  • Protection of your intellectual property
  • Flexible and scalable protection of all important documents or files
  • Time-limited licenses for use in service scenarios

How does SmartShelter|SDL file protection work?

The document or file to be protected is encrypted before it is delivered. The user receives the protected document or file together with the associated key, which can be stored in a CmDongle, a CmActLicense bound to their computer, or a CmCloudContainer bound to a known user.

This means that the document or file can only be accessed by the owner of the CmDongle or the CmCloudContainer or on the computer the CmActLicense is bound to.

The key is provided in the form of a license, which can contain an expiration date, among many other options. If the CmDongle or PC or password to the CmCloudContainer were lost or stolen, any future unauthorized access to the protected documents or files would be prevented.


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