Career opportunities at Wibu-Systems

Cybersecurity is a driving force of today’s economies. Wibu-Systems has been on the forefront of innovation in this field for over 30 years. We are ready to welcome young talents in a workplace built for style and excellence and with the guidance and support of a dynamic management team. Discover your prospects in IT security with us.



A Compelling Call to All CodeMeter Novices

Are you embarking on a journey to discover all of the CodeMeter protection, licensing, and security features, but do not know where to start? We have you covered! Take the easy path we have created, familiarize with our technology and bring your technical know-how to market in a secure way.

Upscale Your Knowledge in CodeMeter

Are you a happy customer of CodeMeter and wonder how else you can leverage the full potential of our technology? Here are a few recommendations for you to monetize your business and secure your digital assets at the highest level.


Unlocking the Future: Empowering Industrial Security

2024-03-13 - 2024-03-14 Online Masterclass

IT Security in Manufacturing: Benefit or Necessity for SMEs?

2024-03-20 IT Security Club, Zimmerstrasse 3, Karlsruhe

embedded world

2024-04-09 - 2024-04-11 Messe Nuremberg, Nuremberg, Germany

Hannover Messe 2024

2024-04-22 - 2024-04-26 Messe Hannover, Hannover, Germany

Automate 2024

2024-05-06 - 2024-05-09 Chicago, Illinois, USA
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