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Stop Software Piracy In 5 Minutes Or Less.

Software piracy can cost companies millions in lost revenue, but now you can stop software piracy for good in less than 5 minutes using Wibu-Systems’ software protection system.

How does Wibu-Systems’ software protection work?

Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter gives you a full range of options for integrating software protection into your application. There is a fast and simple method which lets you add either software-or hardware-based protection without changing a line of code, or for more complex requirements you can protect individual modules, rather than the entire application.

You can also create a licensing strategy where the user has a limited number of specific events, such as pages printed, defined within their license parameters.

For maximum software protection, choose our hardware-based solution using our driverless CodeMeter stick, uncracked in multiple public hacker’s contests, or use CodeMeter CmAct for machine-bound software-only copy protection.

CodeMeter gives you practically unlimited license management options, including:

  • Pay Per Use
  • Time limit
  • Locked modules
  • Demos
  • Network validation
  • Protection against virtual machine abuse.

Document Protection

The highest level of security for documents (HTML or PDF) or files (DOC or XLS) Learn more about how CodeMeter can give you best in class software copy protection.

SmartShelter lets you assign different access rights to your documents and store the encrypted version in a SmartShelter archive. The document protection hardware (CodeMeter or WibuKey) can be defined to enable read or print access permissions to your customers or employees.

Learn more about how SmartShelter Document Protection can protect your documents and files

Access Protection

Two-Factor Authentication For PC And Web Access

Protecting a computer system, website, or web-based software application by password alone is not enough if you require strong security. Two-factor authentication is the most secure and reliable access protection.

Wibu-Systems’ solutions provide you with two-factor authentication for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

How does Wibu-Systems’ access protection work?

In addition to your Windows (or Mac) login password you will also require a CodeMeter stick in order to access your system. This means that access is restricted to your laptop or PC to only those who have both the password and the CodeMeter stick.

CodeMeterID is used to control access to the internet and intranet. One of its uses is to limit SaaS (software as a service) sites to registered users. The hardware provides access protection by determining which customer or employee has permission to access the website.

Learn how Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter can protect your laptop and PC.

Media Protection

Protect your Video and Audio Data against Counterfeits

Wibu-Systems’ media protection is the perfect solution for music and video content vendors.

How does Wibu-Systems’ media protection work?

The content is encrypted prior to being delivered to the customer. This form of media protection means that the files can be sent and delivered safely and freely as only the customer with the corresponding protection hardware will be able to decrypt and access the content.

Embedded Software Protection

CodeMeter: the best-in-class solution for protecting and licensing software in embedded systems.

With the help of an extensive toolkit, the tried and tested Wibu-Systmes protection technology can be easily and securely integrated into your software.


  • Protection against reverse engineering
  • Software replication prevented
  • Maximum integrity protection of the application
  • Feature-on-demand activation
  • Flexible management of access rights

How does it work?

Your software is protected using CodeMeter® technology. The executable code is encrypted and digitally signed before it is shipped. The customer receives the controller software together with a license. The license is either stored in protected hardware (CmDongle) or in a license file (CmActLicense).

The software cannot be used without the matching license. Consequently your software is securely protected as it cannot be copied to other controllers or analysed by your competitors.

CodeMeter® supports Windows XP Embedded, Windows 7 Embedded, Windows CE, Embedded Linux, VxWorks and SoftSPS CoDeSys. Runtimes for other systems available on request.

CodeMeter SDK

Want to put CodeMeter to the test? Get your very own CodeMeter SDK and start benefitting from the industry-leading protection and monetization capabilities at your fingertips. Try out our intelligent licensing concepts or design your own strategy to put your IP to good use and see your business evolve.