PC Software Licensing and Software Protection with CodeMeter


CodeMeter® offers you a unique combination of maximum software copy protection and highly flexible software licensing models for your PC software.

A comprehensive toolkit allows you to easily and securely integrate Wibu-Systems software protection technology into your software product. Its integration into your back office processes means you can distribute your software easily and flexibly.

Your benefits

  • Fewer pirate copies means increased revenue from legal sales
  • New customers thanks to flexible licensing models
  • Cost savings as a result of automatic licensing and distribution
  • Protection of your intellectual property and investment

How does it work?

Protect your software using CodeMeter® technology

An automatic software protection system supplemented by an extensive API with AxProtector is available for use with most common operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, as well as .NET and Java applications, 

After the application software has been completed and is ready for release, the executable code is encrypted. All customers receive the same protected version. The next step is to generate individual licenses for each of the customers including the purchased functions and products. It is up to you to decide how the customer receives the license: in a CmDongle or a machine-specific CmAct license file. You must also define the license type for each customer i.e. a local single-user license, a concurrent network license or a time-limited license (trial version). This does not require any changes to be made to the software.

Licenses can be generated quickly and easily using CodeMeter License Central. This complete solution is available as a free Desktop Edition or as an Internet Edition. The Internet Edition can be integrated into and adapted to your existing processes. Our WIBU Consultants and WIBU Professional Services teams will be happy to assist with product installation.

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