Software Protection


Stop Losing Money To Illegal Piracy

Software protection against piracy is critical: software publishers lose billions each year to illegal software copying, both intentional and unintentional:

  • Legitimate businesses lose track of how many licenses they have versus usage. They want to be in compliance but it’s too difficult to track.
  • Businesses intentionally buy fewer licenses than they need and use illegal copies to cut costs
  • Individuals use cracked copies obtained through the internet
  • Criminal enterprises crack expensive and high-volume products to sell for their own profit.

CodeMeter provides you the best software protection system available, with three key advantages:

  1. Easily integrate copy protection into your existing applications without changing one line of source code or recompiling – you can add protection in less than 5 minutes.
  2. Scalable protection from software-only to best-in-class hardware protection that supports virtually all hardware interfaces (USB, SD, MicroSD, PCMCIA, etc). You decide when (e.g., different markets, countries, or versions) you need the most robust solution vs. the least cost.
  3. 20 year history of full backwards compatibility, so you can implement a solution knowing you won’t need to replace all your dongles at some point in the future.

To find out why companies like GE, Sony, Kodak, Chevron, Qualcomm and more chose Wibu-Systems’ software protection, read on.

Easy Integration

CodeMeter gives you a full range of options for integrating copy protection into your application.

The fastest and simplest method

AxProtector – lets you add either software- or hardware-based protection without changing a single line of source code.

No recompile = no extensive regression testing is necessary.

A method for more complex requirements

Wibu Universal API (WUPI) – Lets you either protect individual modules within the application or create a licensing strategy where the user has a limited number of specific events within their license parameters, such as pages printed.

Order your FREE SDK today and see how simple it is to copy protect your software!

Scalable Protection

With the CodeMeter System, you can choose to deliver your software protected with a CodeMeter stick (hardware “dongle”)or protected with a machine-bound license activation file (CmActLicense) or both hardware and software protection!

You will achieve the highest security with the hardware based solution, but sometimes it is impossible for your customer to allow any type of USB device inside their firewall, in this case you can use the CmActLicense software based solution.

20 Years Of Compatibility

One of the fundamental design principles of Wibu-Systems is 100 per cent backwards compatibility. Software protected in 1989 would work today without any changes using the CodeMeter CodeMeter stick (USB Smart Card dongle).

No matter what hardware or software protection technology comes in the future, you can be sure that Wibu-Systems will protect your investment in software protection.

Why Choose CodeMeter?

  • More than just a dongle, but a complete service package as well.
  • Keeps track of your interests as a software vendor and gives your customer a reason to “love” his dongle.
  • Multiple options when programming and storing your license information in a CodeMeter stick.
  • Share a single CodeMeter stick between multiple vendors, reducing individual costs and simplying life for their users.
  • Other advantages of CodeMeter: No drivers needed, additional flash memory, and more.

WibuKey: The Classic Alternative

WibuKey uses the same security principle as CodeMeter. While CodeMeter is offering more license options on the hardware side, WibuKey is more adaptable to non–standard operating systems.

Order your FREE SDK today and see how simple it is to copy protect your software!

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