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More than 3,000 software manufacturers and industrial companies worldwide have relied on WibuKey to protect their software and intellectual property since 1989. It is available in different form factors for nearly all interfaces and supports operating systems from DOS to Windows 7, as well as Linux, Mac OS, and Solaris.

WibuKey allows you to use the same type of hardware for the protection of your single station licenses as well as your floating licenses within a network. The secure feature Remote Programming (via exchange of files) allows you to convert a single station solution to a network solution without exchanging the dongle. This saves both time and money.

The Right WibuBox For Every Application

The hardware – the WibuBox – is available in different form factors, all completely interchangeable. Custom drivers let you exchange one WibuBox for a different form factor with no problems whatsoever.

This offers you not only a high flexibility (for your customer you can switch their USB hardware to PCMCIA hardware without any software modifications) but also security for new interfaces. WibuKey customers running legacy DOS software today on Windows XP or Windows Vista can use this software with a WibuBox/U (the USB version) without any changes to your code, even if when the protected software was created there was no USB interface available.

WibuKey For Every Platform

WibuKey is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. What’s more we offer you a driver in the source code for the integration of WibuKey in more, even self developed operating systems.

The WibuKey API is standardized for all platforms. This means that you just have to integrate your software one time and not separately for all platforms.

Available Operating Systems for WibuBox
/P /P+
/RP /RP+
/U /U+
/RU /RU+
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista 32 & 64/Win7 32 & 64/Server 2003 (IBM PC)XXXXX
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/ Server 2003 (Nec PC)XX
Windows 95 / NT4 (IBM PC)XXXX
Windows 95 / NT4 (Nec PC)X
Mac OS 8 & 9X

WibuKey Vs CodeMeter

How does WibuKey compare with CodeMeter? CodeMeter is our newest architecture, and has some significant advantages over WibuKey. WibuKey, on the other hand, is the perfect solution for lower-priced software products that need more security than software activation but less than CodeMeter.

WibuKey’s Features Vs CodeMeter
Maximum License Entries101000
Modules per key24032,000
Internal Clocknoyes
Internal license memory16KB60KB
License optionslimitedunlimited
Driverless designnoYes
Encryption algorithmFEAL-16 and FEAL-32AES, ECC, and RSA
Encrypted communications channelnoyes
Caseplasticplastic or metal


Wibu-Systems products compared

Feature WibuKey CodeMeter
Single-user + +
Network + +
License Borrowing - +
Entries up to 10 <6.000
Modules per Dongle up to 240 <100.000
USB + +
PC Card + +
Express Card - +
SD Card - +
µSD Card - +
CF Card - +
LPT + -
COM + -
ASIC + +
Software based activation - +
Expiration Time + +
Internal realtime-clock - +
License memory 16 kByte 60 / 384 kByte
Option: flash memory - up to 16GByte
Updateable firmware - +
No kernel driver - +
Remote update file + +
Internet remote update + +
License Central - +
Encryption algorithms FEAL AES, RSA, ECC
Encrypted communication - +
Certificates UL (Underwriter Laboratories), VDE, FCC, VCCI, KCC, CE