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Visions and Values


“Imagine a world characterized by fair trade, ethical business practices, and labor safety that is voluntarily and universally embraced by companies around the globe.

What if we could play a vital role in a worldwide movement that not only inspires revolutionary technology, but advances a multinational ideology based on the core values that continue to shape mankind’s evolution and environmental sustainability?

We believe that we can make a significant contribution by helping to protect intellectual property, enable new business models, and provide security. It is our goal to protect more than just legal and business interests. We also safeguard people, the environment, inventiveness, the workforce, and the economy.

We invite you to join our community, nurture new relationships, and share our vision.”

1989-2019: A three-decade-long mission in…

  • Delivering technological excellence and a user-friendly experience in every area
  • Enabling corporate financial independence through strong and well-balanced management
  • Demonstrating global leadership with strategic roles in key industry events and associations
  • Navigating a clear and economical path of technological evolution
  • Connecting market insights with dynamic product development
  • Achieving record sales growth and expanding into new markets
  • Staying on course with attentive, local customer support provided by a worldwide network of skilled engineers
  • Offering a comprehensive product portfolio with unmatched flexibility and interoperability
  • Sharing a common vision with a unified partner community
  • Driving an ever-evolving product roadmap with innovation and creativity
  • Showcasing our attention to perfection with awards, innovative patents, and industry recognition
  • Taking our next generation products and services above and beyond

30 years on, our passion, originality and authenticity are still at the core of Wibu-Systems’ technology. We are and are still becoming an international symbol of excellence, modernization and superior craftsmanship.