Beyond Protection: Unleashing the Potential of the Digital Age

Wibu-Systems’ flagship CodeMeter is more than just technology. It’s a complete universe of sophisticated products, cutting-edge mechanisms, and professional services. CodeMeter’s mission and purpose is enablement and empowerment: By choosing CodeMeter, you are able to safeguard your digital assets and transform your IP, securely protected and easily licensed, into an intelligent monetization machine.

With the core components designed to be fully scalable and a perfect fit for any use case and business model, CodeMeter provides software publishers and intelligent device manufacturers with advanced protection tools and versatile strategies to push the envelope and investigate creative new business opportunities in the connected age. Our success stories from a vast range of industries, ranging from intelligent access controls for bank ATMs to new after-sales business channels in the medical industry are testimony to the potential of CodeMeter.

New Ways to Capitalize on Your IP

Protecting Software, Firmware, and Sensitive Data

CodeMeter has leading-edge encryption capabilities to automatically protect your intellectual assets from software applications to firmware of embedded devices and confidential documents in highly sensitive areas like the medical technology or the digitalized manufacturing sector of the Industrial IoT.

Licensing and Monetization

CodeMeter licensing system integrates effectively with all popular back-office systems, which makes marketing your protected products as straightforward and user-friendly as possible. You can protect and license complete applications or individual functions, protect entire devices against tampering and reverse engineering or box off individual features to create a new after-sales market and give your users the freedom to tailor their products to their requirements. With licensing models ranging from the traditional to the most creative, including use counters, user or device-specific licenses, or pay-per-use models, the choice is yours: You know what your customers expect. Wibu-Systems has the right licensing solution ready for you.

Cloud Licensing

Wibu-Systems has taken CodeMeter technology into the cloud to give software developers and intelligent device makers a new level of creative freedom, ease of use, and scalability. As every part of the CodeMeter ecosystem is designed to work seamlessly with every other, you can mix and match the virtual with the physical to create new functionalities, capabilities, and services for your users, wherever they are.

Safeguarding Documents

Intellectual property comes in many shapes and sizes, including documents: From confidential reports saved as PDF files to expensive and elaborate designs stored in graphics files, you want to know that they are accessed only by the (paying) audience they are meant for. With CodeMeter SmartShelter, you can ramp up your protection of Adobe PDF documents, or go with SmartShelter|SDL to add a complete new security barrier for any type of file between the file system and the application.

CodeMeter SDK

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