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Designing the Perfect Solution

Designing a robust protection, licensing and security strategy that best suits your unique development and business requirements is our primary goal. To that end, our expert consultants collaborate with you in three key areas:

Business Process Consulting

With an in-depth understanding of your current architecture, back office processes and future goals, our consultants will help you enhance your existing resources, reduce bottom line costs, improve automation, and optimize your existing business logistics. You will gain a thorough knowledge of product components for an implementation that will escalate your business potential and help you meet your sales targets.

Software Protection Consulting

Our consultants will help you master the most current software protection techniques, taking into account all of the latest traps, tricks, and best practices to provide you with the most robust protection against counterfeiting and reverse engineering. 

Software Monetization Consulting

The software business is undergoing a transformation, as marketing techniques evolve to meet changing customer demands. We work with you to evaluate your software in relation to your market segments and current business model. Our goal is to help you refine your licensing schemes to satisfy your customers and boost your revenues.

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