CodeMeter 4D Interoperability


Freedom of Choice

CodeMeter is all about freedom: Freedom from the risks of piracy, cyber-attacks, IP theft, or reverse engineering. And the freedom to do what you do best: Excel in your business. The entire CodeMeter technology, from its tough cryptographic backbone to the multitude of form factors and the several integrations with world leading platforms ready for use, is designed to give you freedom of choice. You bring your technical requirements, your established processes and structures, your consolidated products, and your commercial plans and aspirations to the table, and Wibu-Systems has the right solution to match your needs. Our commitment to interoperability in four dimensions makes this possible. 

Interoperable License Containers

CodeMeter licenses come in many forms and sizes to suit all the most common and exotic purposes we’ve seen in the market. The choice of containers they are kept in is just as flexible: From software license files bound to the digital fingerprint of a target device to the ever-growing family of hardware secure elements and the novel containers that handle software licenses fully in the cloud, CodeMeter lets you choose the format, portability, protection level, and even the form factor, ruggedness, and design for all of your licensing needs.

You want ease-of-use combined with tough protection? A CmCloud container gives you the user-friendly options you need. You want a secure, yet cost-effective way to penetrate a market segment, CmActLicense is your way to go. You want a durable, but great-looking piece of hardware to take into the field? The newest generation of CmSticks comes with an award-winning design and cutting-edge interfaces, plus integrated industry-grade flash memory. The hardware product lineup not only includes dongles for external plug into the USB port, but also units you can connect internally on the mother boards, ASICs you can solder discreetly, and even compatibility with third party Trusted Platform Modules.

The best for last: You can mix and match the license containers each time you deploy a new application. You can reduce your own stock because all hardware containers are born with the same capabilities: It’s the license you create against the sale you just secured that determines the purpose of the license container.

Interoperable Devices

Guarding against software piracy on desktop computers has long stopped being the sole purpose of digital rights management technologies. From cutting-edge mobile devices to embedded systems in industrial controllers, and miniaturized handheld medical units or other smart critical infrastructure, systems and data need to be shielded, licensed, and managed securely in every aspect of our modern lives. CodeMeter’s versatility makes it the perfect choice for a single, uniform, and powerful protection, licensing, and security solution that can span entire business landscapes, from desktop workstations, even with virtualized setups, to the PLCs in modern Industrie 4.0 manufacturing environments. Specialized flavors of our technology like CodeMeter Embedded and CodeMeter µEmbedded, designed for embedded systems and microcontrollers down to FPGAs, offer a tiny footprint in the field without compromising on our core functionalities.

Multi-Platform Support

CodeMeter’s protection, licensing, and security tools are available natively for most common operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. In the .NET world, CodeMeter has a specific answer for .NET Standard 2.0 applications, including .NET Core 2.0 and Mono. Java SE (J2SE) and Java EE (J2EE) have their peculiarities, which CodeMeter addresses with a dedicated module. In recent years, HTML5, Electron, and node.js have also become more and more prominent. Docker containers have provided a great way to deliver desktop, server, and web applications running in a dedicated environment, and JavaScript, PHP, and Python remain extremely popular in the developer community. CodeMeter addresses these popular trends with unique approaches.

In an industrial context, we also often find Android, other distributions of Linux, QNX, and VxWorks; CodeMeter covers all these operating systems on most architectures, including x86, ARM, MIPS, and PowerPC. Similarly, you can use CodeMeter in a Linux distribution you assemble yourself with Yocto. If you program PLCs, then you are most likely familiar with B&R Automation Studio, CODESYS, Phoenix Contact PLCnext Technology, Rockwell Automation Studio 5000, and Siemens TIA Portal – all fully integrated in CodeMeter.

Whatever your platform is, Wibu-Systems has the right flavor for you.

Back Office Integration

Efficiency, quality, and productivity are goals aggressively pursued by every enterprise. Our license management solutions are built to integrate seamlessly with your established business processes and back-office landscape, including all mainstream ERP, CRM, and e-commerce platforms. Creating and deploying licenses becomes automated while generating usability reports and fine tuning your sales strategy is made even easier. CodeMeter lets you concentrate on your real mission: Building great products, selling great services, and creating a great business.

Interested in a personalized offer for our CodeMeter technology? Just answer a few questions and our team will get back to you with all the information you need.


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