Licensing for cross-platform applications made with Python, PHP, and JavaScript


Leading market surveys consistently put JavaScript, PHP, and Python at the top of the list of the most favored programming languages. Historically, these languages were sidelined when it came to protecting and licensing software. Software protection matters most in the desktop and embedded application domain, where C/C++ used to be the original top dog, but the last decade has brought the rise of Java and .NET languages as the new contenders.

JavaScript, PHP, and Python used to be the languages of choice for simple scripts or browser and other web applications, but with HTML5 applications and environments and frameworks like Electron and node.js getting more and more prominent and Docker containers providing a great way to deliver former web applications, this old demarcation line is a thing of the past.

One reason behind this recent upsurge in the popularity of JavaScript is the cross-platform potential of these languages, which makes the porting of applications to other platforms cost effective and convenient. At the same time, this behavioral change creates new conditions for licensing and software protection purposes, which this masterclass explores in detail.

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The webinar introduces three possible strategies for integrating CodeMeter in desktop applications and web apps:

The three strategies have unique strengths to match the use case and chosen tool chain. Discover practical examples of CodeMeter helping with these scenarios:

  1. Use cases

    a. Web applications with HTML 5, CSS3, and JavaScript
    b. Desktop applications with Electron
    c. Node.js applications
    d. Python applications

  2. Technical solutions

    a. CodeMeter Protection Suite
    b. CodeMeter Core API
    c. CodeMeter Cloud Lite API

  3. Best practices with CodeMeter
  4. Live demo

Whether you are already using JavaScript, PHP, or Python to develop applications or thinking about doing so, you should not miss this webinar. Know your options for protecting and licensing your software!

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