Innovation and Continuity


Wibu-Systems was founded with a clear vision and goal, which have been consistently upheld throughout its history: to empower software developers on their journey to success, safeguarding their applications, and exponentially expanding their business opportunities.

Over the years, the digital intellectual property that needed protection has evolved and grown. Consequently, the company's product portfolio has expanded as well. It now includes hardware, software, and cloud-based license containers, systems that manage the entire life cycle of licenses, integration with back-office systems, and support for the latest programming languages and virtual environments.

Furthermore, the range of devices on which our solutions can operate has also broadened. In addition to personal computers, our solutions can now run on industrial computers, embedded systems, PLCs, IoT devices, and even microcontrollers and FPGAs.

However, despite the continuous innovations, maintaining continuity remains a key aspect for us. This approach ensures uninterrupted operations for our valued clients.

What does the term "continuity" mean to Wibu-Systems?

  • Company: Steered by its original founders, our company boasts financial autonomy, robust stability, and a shared philosophy that resonates among our staff, suppliers, and loyal customers.
  • Staff: Our team provides consistent, long-term points of contact. We prioritize regular professional development, ensuring our staff stays well-educated and trained across all domains. They resonate deeply with and uphold the company's core values.
  • Development processes: Seamlessly integrated with the ISO 2001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 quality management systems, our processes emphasize code metrics, daily builds, and test-driven development. We take pride in professional product management, and our commitment to in-house work means no outsourcing. Every phase, from design and development to production, is certified and holds the quality assurance of "Made in Germany."
  • Cooperation: We're not just confined to our offices. Our collaborative spirit extends to R&D projects with top universities, leading research institutes, and other industry partners. Actively participating in standards committees like USB IF, SDA, and the OPC Foundation, we also play a significant role in various industry consortia.
  • Products: Commitment to excellence is evident in our products. They guarantee long-term availability, unparalleled reliability, and meticulous selection of bill-of-material components. What's more, our products ensure backward compatibility and the ability to upgrade seamlessly in real-world conditions.

Come on a journey through the evolution of Wibu-Systems technology

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