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Innovation and Continuity


Wibu-Systems was founded with a clear vision and goal that have been preserved throughout its history: To support developers on their path to success by protecting their software applications and multiplying their business opportunities.

The product concept has evolved and expanded over the years to include software-based activation solutions, smart card-based dongles with multiple interfaces, and web- and cloud-based license rollouts with complete integration into sales processes.

The solutions of Wibu-Systems have come to cover an incredibly diverse array of applications, spanning from mobile systems or industrial applications in embedded systems and PLCs to desktop PCs, servers, and the cloud.

However, our mission has remained adamantly intact: Wibu-Systems guarantees continuity and innovation, year after year.

What does the term "continuity" mean to Wibu-Systems?

  • Company: Managed by their original founders, financial independence, stability, and a common philosophy shared by staff, suppliers, and customers
  • Staff: Constant point of contact over many years, regular education and training in all areas, strong identification with the company values
  • Development processes: Integration with the QM system based on the ISO 2001:2015 standard, code metrics, daily builds, test driven development, professional product management, no outsourcing, certified "Made in Germany" from design and development to production
  • Cooperation: R&D projects with universities, research institutes and other partners; involvement in standards committees such as USB IF, SDA, OPC; intensive participation in industry consortia
  • Products: Long-term availability, high reliability, utmost care in the selection of and qualification of bill-of-material components, backwards compatibility, and upgradability in the field

Come on a journey through the evolution of Wibu-Systems technology

For a detailed list of the technical innovations

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