Integrating CodeMeter License Central in an SAP back office solution


A licensing solution should be an integral part of any company’s business process, from the customer’s original order to the activation of the software on the end user’s device. This needs the licensing system to be smartly and efficiently integrated with the company’s infrastructure.

Wibu-Systems has teamed up with a competent and experienced SAP partner, INFORMATICS Holding GmbH from Austria, to offer this seamless integration with SAP systems.

This partnership has given birth to the INFORMATICS License Central Connector, which acts as an SAP communication framework, including several SAP modules that are already being used by many clients in the field. The SAP modules allow CodeMeter License Central to communicate directly with any existing SAP system.

With both technologies this closely integrated, an automatic connection is established between SAP and CodeMeter License Central Internet Edition whenever an order is made for software licenses in SAP. CodeMeter License Central then creates the license, returns it to the SAP system in the form of an activation code (ticket), from where it reaches the end user either by email or with a physical delivery document.

The client can activate this license via a license portal or an activation wizard directly built into the software in question. This keeps both systems fully integrated and the workflow consistent without having to change media along the way.

On top of the communication framework, INFORMATICS also offers comprehensive consulting services for SAP. These services guarantee that even highly specific requirements of clients concerning the integration with their business processes can be effectively realized.

Interested in a personalized offer for our CodeMeter technology? Just answer a few questions and our team will get back to you with all the information you need.


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