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Which dongle is right for you?

When adopting CodeMeter, licenses can be stored in hardware-, software-, or cloud-based containers. Software publishers and intelligent device manufacturers can then create heterogeneous systems where the target containers address the technical requirements of their customers. All CmDongles support any licensing model, but the hardware array includes several different options. We’ve broken them down for you.

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Product Piracy

Germany’s mechanical engineering continue to enjoy unrivaled appeal around the world. Industrie 4.0 is promising additional economic gains. As value creation is becoming more reliant on original data, product pirates and counterfeiters are following suit. They will not be satisfied with simply copying the nuts and bolts or discrete circuitry. Instead, they are setting their sights on the digital blueprints, the machine software, and the main databases.

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Wibu-Systems’ Technology Journey

Explore our technology's evolution, as we take you on a journey from advanced software protection tools to diverse runtime variants and virtual environment support. Discover our robust software monetization solutions, versatile license models, and secure cryptographic algorithms. See how we integrate with back-office systems and navigate through hardware, software, and cloud containers. Plus, delve into our operating systems compatibility and efficient password & key management solutions.

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