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Investing in Innovation

Wibu-Systems has won many prizes such as the “CodieAward” for Best Digital Rights Management Solution in 2011 and 2014.

Globalization and agile markets as well as current social, political and technological developments are forcing companies to change. During this process of change, it is extremely important that software applications and data are kept secure and that know-how, source code, and data integrity are protected. Wibu-Systems is continuously investigating user and market requirements and the technological possibilities of making 'cyber physical systems' even more secure.

Current Projects

Sec4IoMT – Security for the Internet of Medical Things

AI-NET ANTILLAS – Automated network telecom infrastructure with intelligent autonomous systems

VE-ASCOT – Advanced Security for Chains of Trust

ProCloud3D – Protected Cloud Slicing for Industrial 3D Printing

SiEvEI 4.0 – Trust in Distributed Manufacturing with Smart Secure Items

PQC4MED – PQC Technology for Data Protection in German Medical Services