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2019-04-10 - 2019-04-12
Tokyo, Japan

The IoT / M2M Exhibition is part of the Japan IT Week (Spring), organized by Reed Exhibition Japan Co., Ltd. It is a large-scale show with about 450 companies that provide the latest IoT solutions from elemental technology to edge computing, remote monitoring, production management, and predictive maintenance.

At the same time, the Embedded System Development Technology exhibition held next door provides a vast array of development, testing, and verification tools, CPUs / MCUs, and middleware. Regardless of their industry, intelligent device manufacturers can obtain all the information they needed for product development in one single spot.

In addition, a number of specialized IoT and embedded technology seminars will be held to foster further educational opportunities.

The IoT offers enormous opportunities to optimize production processes and revitalize the global economy. But how can we use the potential of the digital transformation effectively and safely in the industrial sector?

Wibu-Systems' CodeMeter protects machine code, configuration entries, and production data from piracy, reverse engineering, and tampering. CodeMeter supports multiple environments (PCs, embedded systems, PLCs, and microcontrollers) and can operate on industrial systems (Android, Linux, QNX, and VxWorks) and architectures (ARM, x86, and PowerPC), using hardware, software, and cloud containers to store digital keys, software licenses, and confidential information.

Wibu-Systems will demonstrate the CodeMeter® solution on a Raspberry Pi at Toshiba Information Systems' booth.

The demo illustrates the following workflow:

  • The software publisher protects his software with CodeMeter Protection Suite.
  • The ISV issues a ticket with CodeMeter License Central.
  • The end user activates the ticket via CodeMeter License Central and gets a license.
  • Mission accomplished: The Raspberry Pi lits up when the end user has received his license.

CodeMeter offers a variety of options depending on the type of software and licensing model. The team on the fairgrounds will find the best choice for you, so please share your requirements. In addition, CodeMeter SDKs (Software Development Kit) can be provided on request.

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