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Protection, Licensing and Security Education

Whatever your skill level, whether you are a new user or a seasoned veteran considering migration, Wibu Training Services can structure a valuable academic curriculum for your specific needs. Wibu Training Services are offered in three types of sessions:

Open Training Seminar

These seminars comprise three-day sessions open to groups at our headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany. The sessions focus on the fundamentals of CodeMeter runtime Runtime, the mapping of license models, the integration of protection and licensing into your application, and back office integration with CodeMeter License Central.

You can choose to attend all three days or just the session/s that is/are best suited for your needs.

Individual Training

If it is not convenient for you to attend a in-person session at our headquarters, we can conduct a training at your facility and deliver a comprehensive overview of protection, licensing, and back office integration.

Source Code Webinar

This introductory online training includes one morning session overview of our protection technology and an afternoon class presenting all available licensing options.

Discover more about our programs in our Service Brochure.

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