Software Licensing

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CodeMeter License Central lets you create, manage, and distribute your licenses. Even complex licensing models can be mapped in a quick straightforward manner to meet your requirements.

Benefits of CodeMeter License Central

  • Gain new customers as a result of flexible licensing models
  • Process costs reduced as a result of integration
  • Better control of licensing means increased revenue

How does the CodeMeter License Central work?

CodeMeter License Central is available as a turnkey Desktop Edition. It only needs to be installed on your Intranet or local PC and you can start to program locally connected CmDongles or create CmActLicenses for customers.

With the Internet Edition you have the additional option of tying the licenses you have created to specific ERP systems. Automated license delivery with online activation is also available. A ticket is generated (activation code) for the licensee who must then enter this code into the system. The license is then automatically transferred to the licensee. An easier system than this doesn't exist!

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