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Spare parts come from the 3D printer at MAN

German only

Source: K-Zeitung (28 November 2023)

An ongoing process

German only

Source: Computer & Automation (15 November 2023)

An ecosystem for digitization

Italian only

Source: TECNELAB, pages 26-27 (6 November 2023)

Higher level of data encryption

German only

Source: ISGATEC (3 November 2023)

Wibu-Systems: No chance for product pirates

German only

Source: additive (30 October 2023)

How do you decide how safe a software is?

Chinese only

Source: bilibili, (13 October 2023)

Licensing containers for all tastes

Italian only

Source: TECNELAB, pages 124-125 (25 September 2023)

Protecting AI Applications and Models

German only

Source: INDUSTR.COM, (20 September 2023)