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WIBU Services provide comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of your product.

WIBU Support Services offer the assistance you need to operate your product. Our team helps you diagnose and fix errors, be they in the protected software on the end-user's PC or in the licensing solution on your servers.

Vergelijking Service Level Agreements

Email support error diagnostics and error fixingyesyes
User email support error diagnostics and error fixingyesyes
Phone support error diagnostics and error fixingpriority hotlinepriority hotline
User phone support error diagnostics and error fixingyesyes
Remote support trouble-shooting and fault recoveryyesyes
Remote user support error diagnostics and error fixingyesyes
Access to WIBU Knowledge Baseyesyes
Guaranteed response time (in work hours for priority 1, priority 2, priority 3)2 - 9 - 181 - 4 - 9
Individual contact personyesyes
Annual service review yes
Price (per year)yesyes

Scope of Services:


Our Wibu Support Services Team assists in error diagnostics and error fixing and is on-call in Germany (Monday through Friday) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CET/CEST per phone or per e-mail.

Wibu Knowledge Base

The Wibu Knowledge Base, including our complete FAQ database, is available 24x7 via the Internet.

Support via Remote Access

Our support experts can assist you and your users in error diagnostics and error fixing in the protected software via remote access.

Personal Contact Person

This options provides a designated contact person from the Wibu Support Services Team who is already familiar with your requirements and system environment.

Annual Service Review

In service level “Gold”, your personal contact person creates a project description of all specific requirements, general conditions and your individual implementation during an annual, one-day workshop. This ensures that your service cases will be processed on the highest quality level on base of the latest information.

Response Times

The response time – during the specified hotline hours – is defined as the time period between inquiry receipt and processing start by a Wibu-Systems technician.  Start times vary by level.

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