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With CodeMeter, CodeMeter License Central, and CodeMeter Protection Suite, you have the opportunity to distribute demo versions of your software and generate leads for your sales and marketing team in a hassle-free way. There are three steps for setting this up:

  1. You create a protected version of your software with CodeMeter. In this case, there is no real difference between the demo and full versions; you only deal with a single version. Depending on how you issue the license for your users, the license will behave as a demo or a full version. With CodeMeter Protection Suite, you can turn your software code into a CodeMeter protected version without any change to the code itself and in just a few minutes.
  2. You set up CodeMeter License Central with the registration module. The registration module is an extension of CodeMeter License Central written in PHP that lets you customize which data should be collected about the customer, from a simple e-mail address to a complete set of data.
  3. Finally, you define the product as a demo version in CodeMeter License Central.

After completing this sequence, the user will be able to download the software from your website. If the software does not detect the appropriate license, it forwards the user to the registration page. This can either be a webpage or a module directly integrated into your software. After verifying the validity of the entries, the registration module automatically creates a license for the demo product in CodeMeter License Central, invisible to the user. The license is automatically activated in the background, and the software starts in demo mode. The user essentially registers and activates the license in one single shot.

The registration data can be triggered automatically anytime from CodeMeter License Central and processed in your CRM or ERP system.

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