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CodeMeter is the award-winning protection, licensing, and security ecosystem that gives software publishers and vendors as well as intelligent device makers a complete arsenal to fight cyber-threats and harness the power of smart licensing to monetize and grow their business. From a complete lineup of license containers to store secrets safely to a set of stealthy encryption modules, and a versatile array of backend and frontend tools to create, deliver, and manage licenses, supported by professional services, Wibu-Systems leaves nothing to chance. CodeMeter: Serving all your protection, licensing, and security needs for software, firmware, and sensitive data.

A Strong Core

CodeMeter Protection Suite

CodeMeter Protection Suite is the powerhouse toolbox to protect software from piracy, counterfeiting, reverse engineering, and tampering. It consists of a cluster of modules, developed to fulfill every use case, including native languages, .NET, Java SE and EE, and embedded operating systems. All of the components encrypt the compiled code utilizing state-of-the-art anti-debugging and anti-reverse engineering technologies to achieve maximum protection.

CodeMeter License Central

CodeMeter License Central is the versatile gateway to license creation, delivery, management and monitoring across the complete license lifecycle. A comprehensive selection of licensing options lets you deploy new business models and tap into new markets: a wide array of interoperable options to provide servitization and customer-centric business approaches in a global digital market. CodeMeter License Central integrates easily with existing ERP, CRM, or e-commerce systems to fit perfectly and efficiently in your business processes. 

The Complete Package

Dongles and Much More

Award-winning designs, rugged architecture, and leading-edge technology on board: The vast selection of CmDongles comes with powerful Infineon smart card chips to safely handle key storage and tough cryptographic operations; the optional flash memory, partitionable in multiple secure areas, keeps other at-risk data safe from prying eyes and allows for the delivery of a unique portable medium that contains both the protected software and the data produced by the application. With full multi-vendor capability and the broadest choice of interfaces, there is a CmDongle for every use case.

Cloud and Server Solutions

In an increasingly digitized age, cloud architectures play a central role. You can opt for online customizable portals for developers and users alike along with full-blown hosting and security services, or step further up to a fully cloud-managed licensing solution. Wibu-Systems offers a comprehensive answer to licensing in the cloud characterized by extreme security, utmost scalability, high performance, complete interoperability, and maximum flexibility.

Why CodeMeter?

  • Cyber-crime affects every part of our modern world – and your business is no exception. As the latest studies on software piracy by BSA and product piracy by VDMA show, the nature of the threat is always changing and shows no sign of abating.
  • The core technology of CodeMeter has proven its mettle and remains unbeaten in several high-class and open hacking competitions. Wibu-Systems continues to power up its encryption and licensing systems with groundbreaking and award-winning innovations like Blurry Box cryptographic methods.
  • CodeMeter rolls out its capabilities in all dimensions – with 4D interoperability that guarantees top performance on computers, mobile, embedded, PLC, and microcontroller systems, multi-vendor-capable hardware, software, and cloud secure elements working in perfect harmony; 23 preset and customizable licensing models; and full integration with all mainstream ERP, CRM, and e-commerce systems.

CodeMeter SDK

Where to start? Request your CodeMeter SDK and start protecting your work right away. The SDK lets you experience how the vast capabilities of each CodeMeter module link up to orchestrate the perfect licensing model for your business. With CodeMeter, you can concentrate on what you do best: Making great products, selling great services, and growing a great business.

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