IxProtector IP Protection

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Individual Protection

IxProtector IP Protection allows you to level up the protection against reverse engineering afforded by AxProtector IP Protection. AxProtector IP Protection works by encrypting your entire software and decrypting it before loading it into the device’s memory; IxProtector IP Protection encrypts single functions individually. These remain encrypted in memory and are only decrypted temporarily where and when they are needed. This makes for an unparalleled level of protection, especially against the common memory dumping method employed by hackers.

IxProtector IP Protection is included in AxProtector IP Protection and typically used alongside AxProtector IP Protection.

Supported Operating Systems

IxProtector IP Protection protects executable applications and libraries on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. If your software includes multiple applications and libraries, you can use a combined mode with both protected and unprotected modules.

Operational Principle

To protect individual functions, you flag them in your application’s source code and integrate the Wibu Universal Protection Interface (WUPI) into the code. With this interface, you have the power to decide when your software would encrypt and decrypt these protected functions. Neither cryptographic operation has a truly noticeable impact on the overall performance of your software: WUPI allows you to choose when each action happens, so you can find the optimum balance between performance and security.

Instead of using WUPI, you can also encrypt the protected functions automatically. This is called Translocated Execution and is handled by the integrated AxEngine. You decide during configuration whether an individual function is kept in a cache after decryption or removed again. Translocated Execution moves the executable code in the computer’s working memory, making it even harder for would-be attackers to access it.

When implementing IxProtector IP Protection and WUPI, you are working with a dummy library; this allows you to execute and test your software during development, without having to encrypt the functions.

As with AxProtector IP Protection, IxProtector IP Protection can be integrated as a post-build process:

  • Flagged functions are recognized and encrypted.
  • The flags are removed.
  • The encryption and decryption calls are linked with the protected functions.

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