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CodeMeter boost het beveiligings-profiel
voor VxWorks

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming production facilities into smart factories, utilities into smart grids, constructions into smart buildings. As the industrial IoT is gradually becoming all-pervasive on a global scale and tags, sensors, embedded computers, and control systems are interconnected over the Internet, the risk of hacker attacks is increasing.

Wibu-Systems has intensified its successful cooperation with Wind River® to offer a deep integration of CodeMeter® into  VxWorks®, the world’s most widely deployed commercial RTOS.

The result is a fully scalable solution that features best-of-breed security for devices and data, IP protection, and additional licensing management options to expand business opportunities.

CodeMeter Security integrated in VxWorks 6.9 and VxWorks 7 Platform

Together, Wibu-Systems and Wind River offer a comprehensive turnkey solution that encompasses the following benefits: 

  • Integrity Protection
  • Authenticity
  • IP Protection
  • Certificates  
  • Copy Protection
  • License and Entitlement Management
  • Hardware-, Software-, and Cloud-based Key Storage

The security highlights provided by CodeMeter consist mainly of:

  • Deep integration: The CodeMeter technology is integrated into the VxWorks Workbench for a seamless use of the encryption mechanisms. The decryption module ExEngine is integrated into the loader process of VxWorks.
  • Internal Certification Authority: The CA produces, signs, and manages the required certificates necessary to enable the Secure Boot process and in turn protect applications from tampering.
  • Secure Runtime Loader: The essential core for integrity and know-how protection from piracy and reverse engineering is built on a combination of AES decryption and digital signature verification of kernel modules and real-time processes.
  • An unparalleled range of form factors for secure license containers: Software licenses and software encryption keys can be stored in the complete range of CmDongles and CmActLicenses; all hardware form factors come with smart card technology embedded for top security performance.

Additional Features for VxWorks 7.0

  • Workbench integration with GUI support for security configuration
  • Compatibility with VxWorks 7 Core Platform, including the Security and Virtualization Profiles

Product Requirements

  • VxWorks 6.9 or 7.0
  • Optional for use with dongles: USB port or (microSD, SD, CFast) memory card slot
  • Optional for use with CodeMeter ASIC: USB interchip communication