Embedded Security

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CodeMeter features the optimal solution for protecting and licensing software in embedded systems.

With the help of an extensive toolkit, the tried and tested Wibu protection technology can be easily and securely integrated into your software.

Your benefits

  • Protection against reverse engineering
  • Software replication prevented
  • Maximum integrity protection of the application
  • Feature-on-demand activation
  • Flexible management of access rights

How does it work?

Your software is protected using CodeMeter technology. The executable code is encrypted and digitally signed before it is shipped. The customer receives the controller software together with a license. The license is either stored in protected hardware (CmDongle) or in a license file (CmActLicense). The choice is yours!

The software cannot be used without the matching license. Consequently your software is securely protected as it cannot be copied to other controllers or analysed by your competitors.

CodeMeter supports Windows XP Embedded, Windows 7 Embedded, Windows 8 Embedded, Windows CE, Embedded Linux, VxWorks, SoftPLC CODESYS, QNX 6.5. We will be pleased to provide runtimes for other systems on request.

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