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Obfuscate the C/C++ code

German only

Source:, page 39 (14 December 2023)

Obfuscation and Cryptography: Friend or Foe?

Italian only

Source: Italia 4.0, page 84 (December 2023)

Digital Security: CodeMeter Certificate Vault

Italian only

Source: The Next Factory, page 46 (November/December 2023)

Maximum Flexibility and Granular Customization

Italian only

Source: Rivista INNOVARE, page 56-58 (12 December 2023)

Software protection and licensing solution

German only

Source:, page 15 (12 December 2023)

Spare parts come from the 3D printer at MAN

German only

Source: K-Zeitung (28 November 2023)

An ongoing process

German only

Source: Computer & Automation (15 November 2023)

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