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The Commercial Case for CodeMeter

Is investing in a professional protection and licensing solution like CodeMeter worthwhile? We've meticulously interviewed four customers across various industries and company sizes, analyzing their ROI with CodeMeter. Results show rapid and significant improvements in cost-efficiency and revenue (three to sevenfold), highlighting CodeMeter's value as a strategic investment for enhanced security and growth.

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CodeMeter Certificate Vault

Certificates are used to authenticate and identify users or devices on the Internet, in emails, machine-to-machine communication, and elsewhere. CodeMeter Certificate Vault provides a secure means to store X.509 certificates on CodeMeter hardware and make them available via standard interfaces. This white paper delves into the guiding principles and challenges of secure certificate storage and the technology and use cases for CodeMeter Certificate Vault.

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Silver Linings: Licensing in the Cloud

“Cloud computing” has become ubiquitous, but what are the issues when applied to cloud-based licensing? Security is always a question mark when it comes to cloud services. This white paper describes secure cloud-based license management with CodeMeter Cloud and License Central and the use of certificate chains to establish trust in the cloud licensing and storage environment and protect the integrity of the service.

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Electronic License Delivery Made Easy

With dedicated activation codes and security hardware dongles protecting premium applications against illegal use, the next step in the process is to identify the solution that streamlines administration and logistics of all the license models the ISV has generated. CodeMeter License Central is the fully featured, highly scalable, web-interface based license management system that integrates with your existing business process.

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Top Security Rules for Cloud Systems

Cloud applications face threats that on-premise applications were essentially protected against; in some cases, exploits are even facilitated by common architectures. This compendium outlines basic and advanced security rules that all cloud architects can benefit from, and underlines the reliability and security qualities of Wibu-Systems’ cloud-based license entitlement solution, CodeMeter License Central, and its hosting services.

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Licensing and Security for the Internet of Things

With its many promises, the Internet of Things is set to influence our lives, our way of working, and our future. Intelligent device manufacturers are called upon to assess cyber threats, redesign machines and processes, safeguard facilities and devices, and ultimately engage in a totally new conversation with contractors, solution partners, and customers. Only businesses that are able to reinvent and secure themselves will succeed in the long term.

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CmDongle with flash memory in practice

Flash memory has an essential role to play in keys and memory cards, which goes far beyond the ability to deliver your software onboard the device. CmDongles with flash memory are successfully implemented in many different fields, including the gambling industry, forensic analysis, finance, and the IoT, as they have proved themselves to be even more secure, cost-effective, versatile, and fail-safe solutions.

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CodeMeter in Virtual Environments

Virtual environments and terminal servers have opened the door to swift and cost-effective infrastructure diversification, while creating major new challenges for software vendors. CodeMeter's versatile technology provides full control over security and licensing on real and virtual architectures, specific mechanisms to correctly count licenses, and a heterogeneous array of hardware, software, and cloud containers.

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CodeMeter in the Automation Industry

For the makers of control systems and manufacturing machinery, software can be the indispensable key for many functions and applications. OEMs can protect this USP with adequate encryption technology that is effective against the copying of machine designs or the illicit transfer of essential know-how. Doing so gives them competitive advantage that can determine their long-term prospects and the performance of their engineering efforts.

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Integrity Protection for Embedded Systems

In cooperation with the Alliance for Cyber Security

Industry 4.0 brings about an unprecedented phase of interconnectivity that opens up to new forms of attacks the original equipment manufacturers are subject to. The White Paper illustrates how a digital certificate chain of trust applied to bootloader, operating system, real-time application and configuration data is the key to top security and software integrity protection for embedded systems.

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Customer-Centric View of Best Practices in Software Monetization

In cooperation with Frost & Sullivan

The White Paper sheds light on various aspects of successful software monetization strategies, ranging from business-enabling licensing architectures to resilience against hacking. The document demonstrates how changing times demand that ISVs implement customer-centric business models and customer-friendly enforcement in order to increase their top-line software revenues while controlling bottom-line costs.

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Scalable Software Protection and Flexible Licensing

All software publishers share the same basic need for IP protection regardless of the programming code they adopt. Several different license models can then be applied to enable business and meet customers’ demands. The White Paper dives into the technology underlying both security and monetization aspects and covers all possible hardware- and software-based variants a developer can integrate to build a custom secure licensing system.

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Mobile Licensing with Industry-Grade Storage Devices

FOR SD CARD MANUFACTURERS – As we navigate the digital era, security becomes non-negotiable. CmReady is a certification program designed for industry-grade storage device manufacturers to enhance their products with IP protection and software licensing capabilities. Leveraging card security features, CodeMeter binds the software-based license container to the hardware medium, transforming the mass storage card into a portable secure element.

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Industry Related White Papers

Architect’s Guide: IoT Security

The explosion of the Internet of Things presents a greater attack surface for hackers and crackers to target. With 50 billion of connected sensors and devices expected by 2020, the range of vulnerabilities is extreme. It is therefore imperative to assess goals and risks, manage identity and integrity, encrypt confidential data, deploy hardware-based security technologies for mission critical systems, and protect limited devices with overlay networks.

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Credits: Trusted Computing Group

Product and Know-How Protection Guidelines

In cooperation with “Protect-ing”, a working group of VDMA

This structured procedural model allows manufacturing businesses, their suppliers, and their clients to define a pragmatic approach to current potential threats aimed at producing counterfeit products and acquiring know-how; it offers a way to run a vulnerability analysis, a selection of viable measures for protecting against product piracy and the loss of know-how, and the tools to determine the efficacy of the available options.

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Credits: VDMA


The mapping of an FTL (Flash Translator Layer) impacts your system. Hyperstone’s hyMap® mapping and flash memory management technology, available for all CmDongles equipped with flash memory, provides significantly higher random write performance, which results in maximum reliability and endurance, opening the possibility to use MLC in traditionally SLC prone applications, reducing costs, increasing drive capacities, and improving competitiveness.

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Credits: Hyperstone

The Fundamentals of Reliable Flash Storage

As cost-efficient NAND flash memory with high densities based on MLC, TLC, or even QLC technologies are increasingly prone to failure during field operation, flash memory controllers are facing great challenges. Hyperstone flash memory controllers offer proprietary features and implementation details designed to guarantee maximum endurance, lifetime, and reliability of NAND flash-based storage media.

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Credits: Hyperstone

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