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Software Protection Package for Raspberry Pi

Wibu-Systems introduces an evaluation kit for Raspberry Pi that showcases the easy implementation of software protection and the last steps of a secure boot procedure.

Security for Raspberry Pi

Making it easier for people to take their first steps with software protection on embedded systems – that is the thinking behind Wibu-Systems’ demonstration kit for Raspberry Pi that gives the user a simple and straightforward introduction to security technology. A full-feature package is also available for operational use on Raspberry Pi.

Wibu-Systems offers a Raspberry Pi starter kit that allows a developer of embedded software to protect, license, and secure their software against tampering for this lean computer system. For a running start in the field of software protection and licensing, the starter kit comes jam-packed with CodeMeter technology: This includes the encryption tool ExProtector, the certificate tool CmCaTool, a prepared Raspbian Linux operating system, secure ELF loader, the preloaded protection hardware CmDongle, and all relevant documentation. 

The CodeMeter technology is encrypted and uses the tool “ExProtector” to sign the embedded software built for the Raspbian Linux on ARM architecture. The software protected in this manner is automatically tested and decrypted when the Raspberry Pi is started by the operating system’s ELF loader. The procedure is transparent for the user, and the software vendor can rest assured that his software can neither be copied nor changed.

With the CmCaTool, ISVs can produce the certificates they need to protect against tampering. It represents an adapted form of X.509 certificates that takes over the cryptographic part. The contents were limited to the bare bones needed for the application. The end product is a very lean format that does not compromise on the well-known security of standard X.509 certificates. The solution is ready for integration into any existing CA infrastructure.

Secure Boot

Combined with secure boot procedures that can also be installed by means of CodeMeter technology, this creates a system completely protected against copying and tampering. The tools included in the package can be used to protect applications. With a few adjustments to the bootloader and the operating system, the boot processes can also be shielded and a complete secure boot algorithm introduced.

In Brief

Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter is an “out of the box” solution for security and licensing that is ready for integration into the Raspberry Pi. It allows developers to concentrate on what they do best and provides a complete security solution into their hardware. A model implementation for Raspberry Pi (new and old version) is ready for testing and evaluation. It can be used as the basis for integrating complete secure boot mechanisms.


KEYnote 30 – Edition Fall 2015

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