CodeMeter Cloud Container


CodeMeter Cloud is the newest member of the CodeMeter product family and a great choice for protecting and licensing software on devices with a permanent Internet connection. This includes software

  • on office or home office workstations,
  • on IoT or IIoT devices, and
  • on virtual machines in proprietary data centers or elsewhere in the cloud.

CodeMeter Cloud is fully compatible with CodeMeter Runtime, CodeMeter License Central, and CodeMeter Protection Suite and includes virtually all of the protection and licensing capabilities offered by hardware-based (CmDongles) or software-based (CmActLicenses) license containers.

Licenses bound to users

CodeMeter Cloud includes access to the highly secure and extremely scalable cloud servers operated by Wibu-Systems that offer not just top-notch security, but also peak performance for your licenses.

Compared to CmDongles and CmActLicenses, the licenses are not activated in a local hardware or software container, but instead placed in a CmCloudContainer on the CodeMeter Cloud Server that is securely bound to a known user. That user only needs an Internet connection and a set of credentials to access the licenses in CmCloudContainers, which function just like local licenses on any device of the user’s choosing.

Compatible with existing applications

CodeMeter Cloud is designed to integrate perfectly into the CodeMeter technology family. Any software developers that already rely on a Universal Firm Code to protect their applications can continue to use it with CmCloudContainers without any changes required. It does not matter whether the applications were protected and licensed with CodeMeter Protection Suite or the API was integrated into their source code, or any combination in between.

Similar Cloud and On-Premise Routines

CmCloudContainers, CmDongles, and CmActLicenses use identical interfaces, so the processes for creating and delivering licenses can also be standardized across the board. Whichever container type is used, licenses can be created with either the CodeMeter License Editor and CmBoxPgm from the CodeMeter SDK or CodeMeter License Central, which offers the additional option of integrating and automating the license creation process with SAP, Salesforce, or other ERP, CRM, or e-commerce solutions.

Manual creation of CmCloudContainers

In scenarios with manageable numbers of users, the easiest option can be to create the CmCloudContainers manually via the CodeMeter Cloud Dashboard. The developer simply logs on to the dashboard, creates as many CmCloudContainers as needed, and receives credential files that include the access details for the intended users. The users can import their credential files onto any and as many devices as they want, e.g. with a straightforward drag-and-drop into the CodeMeter Control Center. Of course, they can only use as many instances of the license at the same time as they have a legitimate right to.

The CodeMeter Cloud Dashboard enables developers to import license updates for their users, again by using the same tools from the CodeMeter SDK that they use for CmDongles or CmActLicenses: CodeMeter License Editor, CmBoxPgm, or CodeMeter License Central.



Automated creation of CmCloudContainers

When serving larger groups of users, the ability to automate the creation of their CmCloudContainers would be the ideal solution. Typically, the licenses would be created in CodeMeter License Central, as ordered e.g. by a CRM or ERP system like SAP or another e-commerce solution. The process begins with a ticket that represents the entitlement to one or more licenses. Once the user has received that ticket, they can complete the rest of the process without any further need for the developer to be involved. All steps are securely logged in CodeMeter License Central or on the CodeMeter Cloud Server to keep the developer in full control at all times.

To activate the license, the user accesses the license portal on their browser or uses the Software Activation Wizard via CodeMeter’s dedicated gateway. The license portal communicates with the CodeMeter Cloud Server and creates a CmCloudContainer for each user. The right licenses are placed into that container, and the user receives a credential file back for their local device.

The system makes it extremely easy to use licenses on other devices. The user simply needs to log onto the license portal and import the credential file onto that device to re-establish the connection with the CmCloudContainer. All activated licenses are immediately available and do not have to be activated again.

The license portal can also be integrated into any existing user management system with Single-Sign-On (SSO) capabilities.

Automated license updates

An auto-update trigger is included for communication between CodeMeter License Central and the CodeMeter Cloud Server, which works in the background and is responsible for moving licenses automatically from CodeMeter License Central into the CmCloudContainer they are destined for. The user and the intended CmCloudContainer only need to be known when the license is created. With the auto-update, licenses can be added, changed, or deleted.

Since the CmCloudContainer lives in the cloud, developers have the option of using the auto-update trigger to enforce changes in their licenses. This could be new functions that are added, usage credits that are topped up, subscriptions that are renewed, or entire licenses that need to be revoked.

Core functions moved to the Cloud

Any sensitive data, such as encryption keys, stay in the cloud and never reach the RAM of the local device. This makes licenses in the cloud resemble their cousins kept on CmDongles. The only thing kept on a physical device is the user’s credential file.

The license counters are also based in the cloud. If a user e.g. has a CmCloudContainer with a license for two workstations, the licensed software can be run from two computers at the same time, using the same access data. The most common use case would be a single user license that needs to be used flexibly either in the office or at home: The user stays the same and wants to access their software wherever they may be at the time. Compared to CmDongles or CmActLicenses, CmCloudContainers are the perfect choice for this type of mobility. No licenses need to be deactivated and reactivated, and no dongles need to be carried around when moving from office computer to home computer.


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