Partner Program


Are you interested in becoming a distributor for Wibu-Systems?

Wibu-Systems offers you the opportunity to sell high quality products recognized for their value and unbeatable customer service. We are looking for distributors interested in becoming trained specialists in copy protection, license entitlement and cyber-security using CodeMeter and WibuKey!

What does it involve?

Brand loyalty is very high in the copy protection industry. Once customers decide to buy from a particular supplier, they often stay with that supplier for good. Whenever that customer sells protected software, you, the distributor also sell more CodeMeter sticks and WibuBoxes.

You will be forwarded customer orders for your region that were received at our headquarters in Germany.

CodeMeter and WibuKey software is available in a number of languages. User manuals and other marketing material can also be ordered in different language versions.

We offer our distributors full training as well as technical support for complex questions.

Wibu-Systems and the Market

The copy protection market is definitely a market worth the effort. The most important job of vendors and distributors is to inspire new customers and make sure they keep coming back to you.

CodeMeter and WibuKey have the great reputation of being extremely effective and simple-to-use systems. The integration of our protection technology in your customers' source code is supported by a wide range of programming examples and by our expert knowledge. As distributor, you will be expected to know our copy protection system inside out and be able to answer your customers' programming questions in their native language.

Each distributor is assigned a clearly specified region. This way you know exactly where your market is and who is in it.

Distributors are responsible for translating all marketing material into their own language. Layout and printing is taken care of by Wibu-Systems' headquarters in Germany. You are strongly encouraged to reach out to local (trade) magazines and local advertising.

If you are certain your country is not already covered by a Wibu-Systems distributor, please contact us by email and we will send you more information about how to become a distributor!

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