IT Security Club in the House of IT Security


The IT Security Club, in partnership with GoodSpaces, redefines the co-working experience as a premium hub, offering an array of versatile solutions for networking, collaboration, private events, entrepreneurial ventures, and beyond. With its contemporary design, inviting atmosphere, and comprehensive suite of services, this space is designed to cater to the dynamic needs of professionals seeking inspiration, privacy, or collaboration. From brainstorming sessions, digital workshops, to innovative product launches and exclusive industry meetups, the location stands as a beacon for those aiming to elevate their business in the realm of IT security and digital innovation.

But the IT Security Club is also a unique experiment in community building: A site dedicated to one of the most pressing issues of our time – IT security – designed to spark creativity with its exceptional blend of institutional and commercial tenants and an agile group of IT security professionals in the Club. The members of the IT Security Club enjoy access to likeminded professionals, top-class facilities, and an environment built to inspire commercial ambition and professional comradeship, with a range of membership packages and options for short or long-term participation in the creative atmosphere of the House of IT Security.

The Location

The IT Security Club is hosted in the House of IT Security on Wibu-Systems’ campus in Karlsruhe. As such, it forms part of a vibrant IT community in the city, which boasts such intellectual and technological powerhouses as the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and no fewer than 4200 companies active in the field. Located in the Southern quadrant of Karlsruhe with excellent local transport access, the House of IT Security is just minutes away from the local tram station and the national mainline station Karlsruhe Süd, but also easily reachable by car via the A5 highway in immediate driving distance. With nearby green spaces, a buzzing cultural and gastronomic community, and lots of urban amenities within walking distance, membership in the IT Security Club will also make you part of a thriving urban scene.

The Facilities

The IT Security Club was designed to wow both its members and their guests: The entire site is equipped with top class infrastructure and facilities, including modern building automation services and a decidedly eco-friendly architecture. This includes the indispensable IT infrastructure for successful work, redundant fiber-optic connections, modern workstations, as well as the amenities that make working and staying at the IT Security Club a thoroughly enjoyable experience: Well-stocked kitchen and bar facilities, smartly appointed work and community spaces, and attractive facilities for meetings and representative work.

In IT security, privacy and confidentiality are paramount, and the facilities are designed with care to reflect this commitment: Secure access controls and a careful layout of the premises with flexible private-public spaces and clever partitioning mean that members of the IT Security Club are safe in the knowledge that what they want to keep confidential will stay confidential, without hindering the spirit of community and free and easy communication with their peers.

The Opportunities

With a world-leading IT security, protection, and licensing specialist next door and high-profile institutions, entrepreneurs, and researchers among the long-term tenants, the IT Security Club promises to be a hothouse for talent and ideas. Networking opportunities abound in the many shared spaces of the House of IT Security, including the unique Work Café, where likeminded people can come together to share, spark new ideas, test the waters for new business plans, or just enjoy the spirit of community.


Joining the IT Security Club opens up a world of opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs, innovative researchers, and all actors with a real stake in making our digital world secure. To give life to a dynamic and diverse community, the IT Security Club offers a comprehensive range of membership options, with monthly and yearly membership fees to match any budget. To discover which of the many membership packages match your needs and for a private and confidential offer, please contact our membership office.


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