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Implanting seeds in the mind of students has always been a prerogative of teachers; however, companies have come to realize that if they want capable workers, they’d better cooperate with academia. ISVs have also come to see in students the customers of tomorrow. But how to guarantee a positive ROI from a long-term investment in the educational system? The goal is to reach a large number of motivated students and allow them to test and use a piece of protected software for free or for a fraction of its selling price. At the same time, they need to make sure the software stays within the circle of entitled users and the effort to set up the license and entitlement management system is kept to the bare minimum.

The newly introduced EduPortal is a specialized version of the license portal. Based on UserPortal, it tailors the licensing process to the needs of higher education institutions. Practically any software could be offered in this way and can generate a new revenue stream. Check out this new business opportunity and register for:

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Depending on your business niche, you can approach the most relevant universities and colleges and offer a novel collaboration scheme: you build a relationship of trust with your future customers, the school system provides additional value and services, the students get access to current resources that will enrich their curriculum, and all parties are guided by an automatic system that keeps the licensing flow under control, without exposing the ISV to piracy or the illicit use of his software.

The process consists of three major steps:

  • The ISV protects its software with CodeMeter and assigns a certain number of time-based licenses to the teacher or school admin; these will stay valid for the next semester (or any other timeframe agreed upon with the school system). When the term ends, the licenses automatically become void, and the ISV issues new time-based licenses to the teacher or school admin for the next class.
  • The EduPortal can then distinguish between faculty staff and students. Faculty members are given the licenses to distribute to their students. The teacher receives a collection ticket, logs into the portal, register the ticket, and generates individual tickets for his students. Optionally, the ISV can manually unlock the professor.
  • To activate their license, students can, but do not have to, register with the portal; this phase can include optional rules to verify their identity, like limiting valid accounts to a certain domain.

Does this new functionality of CodeMeter sound exciting? Then join us live. During this one-hour session, we will be zeroing in on:

  • The fundamentals of CodeMeter License Central
  • The point of view of the ISV
    • Creating Educational Licenses
    • Renewing licenses automatically at the end of the semester
    • Reporting via licenses activations
    • Reporting via license registrations
  • The point of view of the teacher
    • Overview of his licenses
    • Adding new licenses per semester
    • Licenses for students
    • Reporting via license activation
  • The point of view of the student
    • License registration
    • License activation
    • Actual use of the license
  • Expansion options of the EduPortal
  • Adaptation to the corporate design

The educational system is a market with its own value for ISVs who build a solid and long-term business plan. You can be one of them.

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