Best Practices for License Management


More and more features in factories, machines, and other intelligent devices are realized by software functions. Evaluation, configuration, and development software help simplify user processes. The makers of this software and manufacturers of these devices are therefore increasingly coming to the decision to monetize these values by way of a professional Digital Rights Management system ­– such as CodeMeter.

CodeMeter is meant for all software publishers from all sectors of industry. With that in mind, the opportunities to map license models in CodeMeter License Central are as diverse as their intended uses. Software vendors already adopting DRM systems often try to replicate existing licensing maps; device vendors who come into contact with licensing for the first time often succumb to the temptation to use the complete spectrum of CodeMeter licensing models. Even though all roads lead to Rome, as a famous saying goes, some of the straight ones might go through the mountains, while the longer route may be more convenient. Whether a path is right or wrong is difficult to say, as it depends on your own requirements and the time you can make available for this stage of the process.

This masterclass meets the needs of both experienced software vendors who want to migrate their existing models and systems to CodeMeter and newcomers who are dipping their toe in the water with CodeMeter. We have created a collection of the most insightful best practices of CodeMeter and CodeMeter License Central that we have been advocating for over the past decades. Experience the straightforward and effective implementation of standard requirements, and learn which pitfalls and configuration options you should stay away from to avoid unnecessary complexity.

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Here is a glimpse at the main topics we are going to cover in this masterclass:

Time-limited licenses

  • Usage Period
  • Expiration Time

Modular licenses

  • Several Product Items
  • Custom data fields
  • Bundles
  • Module Items

Editing licenses

  • Update
  • Replace

Licenses for offline devices

  • License Transfer
  • Push Updates

Automatic updates

  • Single Ticket Approach
  • Auto-Update

External tools

  • Item Creator


  • Unexpected State
  • Internal Error

Our experts will answer the most frequently asked questions we have been receiving, but will also be ready to discuss your own scenario right then and there. They will address, for instance, how to choose the right data field for time-limited licenses, how to map individual features, or how to change licenses in the field through manual and automatic updates, and they will reveal some of their tips and tricks for troubleshooting.

True to the motto: "As simple as possible, but as complex as necessary" you will find it much easier to map your licenses after this webinar.

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