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The COVID-19 emergency is hurting the global economy with unprecedented severity, but not all industries are disrupted to an equal extent. The crisis is proving the vital importance of connectivity, pushing companies to embrace smart working concepts, and ultimately accelerating the digital revolution. Our customers know this best, and many have indeed seen their business booming. This is a time where a versatile cloud-based license management system can help ISVs change their business model overnight and adopt new schemes that are not just in demand right now, but often even required by law.

To support this transition, Wibu-Systems is offering software publishers around the world the opportunity to use its latest cloud-based technology for free for the second quarter of this year. Each participating company planning to deliver licenses for home office use in this period will receive a free-of-charge CmCloudContainer that can hold multiple licenses for one or more applications. Here is how it works: You should

  1. Have CodeMeter Runtime 7.0 or newer installed
  2. Have a Firm Security Box (FSB) for Universal Firm Codes (UFC)
  3. Complete and submit an online request form
  4. Follow the guidance from our sales team
  5. Optional, but encouraged: Register for an online tutorial that will cover the specific process you should implement.

If you don’t already have items 1) or 2) in place, just tick the checkbox on the online request form and we will support you accordingly.

In this complementary class, we will provide insights into the pros and cons of the different license containers that are available and guide you step by step through the complete workflow, to get you ready to offer your licenses promptly and experience the full power of CodeMeter cloud licensing for the first time ever. Here is what we are planning for this webinar:

  • The Coronavirus turning point
  • Technical solutions
    • Local licenses
    • VPN tunnel
    • License borrowing
    • Time-limited CmActLicenses
    • CmCloudContainers
  • Terms and conditions of our special deal
  • Setup instructions to get you started with your very first CmCloudContainer

This is your chance to try out CmCloud for free and get on top of the licensing game. You just raise your hand, and our team will take care of the entire journey, making it as smooth as possible for you. When this special deal phase in response to the crisis is over (July 1st, 2020), you can either stop using the solution or contact our sales professionals and continue your work with CmCloudContainers.

As the world is turning to the cloud to ensure business continuity, you have the opportunity to be a pioneer and master the technology that will change the license and entitlement business as we’ve come to know it over the last thirty years.

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