End-to-End License Transfer


For many years, customers have been enjoying licensing from their server networks. Users can employ their licenses effectively and manage and analyze their use. Software publishers follow a simple deployment process: licenses are activated on a license server and can then immediately be used on networked computers. However, there are cases where a single license on a local computer or in a local dongle would be a better solution; for example, when the software is used on a construction site and the user has no VPN connection to the license server. A mobile license is also ideal when the user wants to continue editing a current project from his home office.

Wouldn‘t it be fantastic if the user could perform this conversion and transfer licenses by himself?

Join us for our next masterclass on End-to-End License Transfer to learn how we have streamlined the complete end-to-end process.

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CodeMeter License Transfer offers more than just license borrowing. It combines a permanent end-to-end license transfer solution with traditional license borrowing from a network server. A permanent license transfer makes activating licenses easier on machines and devices that are still not connected to the Internet. In such cases, licenses can be carried manually by the service technician to the machine by means of a CmDongle.

License borrowing from a network server with CodeMeter License Transfer could not be easier. The user selects the license and clicks “Borrow”. The borrowable license is configured straightaway. Even changing licenses on the license server while licenses are borrowed becomes possible with CodeMeter. In the event that the user is outside the network, the administrator can also borrow the license offline for him. The borrowing period can be determined by the user for any duration between one second and a maximum value defined by the software publisher. After expiration, the borrowed license automatically becomes available again on the license server. A premature return or renewal is also possible at any time.

During this free 60-minute event, you will be able to learn about:

  • CodeMeter License Transfer
    • End-to-end license transfer
    • License borrowing in the network
    • Returning borrowed licenses
  • Options for license borrowing
    • Permitted target containers (CmDongle or computer-bound CmActLicense)
    • Authorization of end-to-end license transfer
    • Maximum borrowable time
  • Borrowing and moving modular licenses
    • Nested Product Items
  • Online and offline transfer of licenses
  • License updates by the manufacturer
  • Comparing moved licenses with CodeMeter License Central

Even though the Internet makes life easier in so many ways, there is no reason why users who are not connected to it should be put at a disadvantage. The new CodeMeter License Transfer facilitates license re-assignment in all possible environments.

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