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I have lost my CmDongle, or it has been stolen. What do I do?


Please send an e-mail to support(at)

If you have a license request file (*.WibuRaC) you previously created via CodeMeter Control Center, attach it to the mail.

Alternatively, you can also attach the latest backup file, which you can find in the directory %\ProgramData%\CodeMeter\Backup.

To identify you as the owner of the CmDongle, you must send at least one attachment.

If the CmDongle later connects to a CodeMeter Timeserver, it is automatically locked and can not be used anymore.

The licenses are bound to the CmDongle and are also lost. You can, of course, ask your software vendor, for a license replacement. Depending on their policy, you may be entitled to a special discount.