Wibu-Systems Expands its Line of Secure Hardware Elements with CmStick/B


Complete Embedded Software Licensing, Protection and Security Portfolio on Display at Embedded World 2018.

[Translate to English (USA):] The same robust and elegant design for high-end branding is now available for CmStick/B and CmStick/BMC.

Wibu-Systems, a global leader in secure license lifecycle management for business and industrial environments, is launching CmStick/B, its newest secure hardware element for the secure storage of cryptographic keys and software licenses. The CmStick/B incorporates the same innovation and miniaturization characteristics of its counterpart, CmStick/BMC, but without Flash memory components.

Launched in 2017, CmStick/BMC couples SiP (System in Package) technology for the integration of the USB connector inside the metal body of the dongle, with the SLM97 controller from Infineon for secure key storage in a smart card chip, USB 3.1 interface for fast data transfer, 16 GB 2-bit MLC flash memory for additional storage capacity of software and data, and the U9 flash controller and hyMap® firmware from Hyperstone for safe flash handling and reliable data management. Both CmStick/B and /BMC are only 12.1 mm x 22 mm x 4.5 mm in size, an optimal compromise between the tiny CmStick/C, the smallest in Wibu-Systems’ portfolio, and CmStick ME, the standard sized metal unit optionally equipped with SLC flash memory.

With the immediate availability of CmStick/B and /BMC, Wibu-Systems continues to extend its comprehensive array of hardware, software, and cloud secure elements that intelligent device manufacturers can trust and use in long-term industrial projects to reap the rewards of Industry 4.0 and monetize their businesses in new ways with secure CodeMeter license management.

CodeMeter, the underlying Wibu-Systems’ technology for complete license lifecycle management for digital assets, that protects them against counterfeiting, reverse engineering, and tampering, has been adopted by several preeminent players in the automation world:

Since its first implementation in V3.5, 3S-Smart Software Solutions has been offering an integration of CODESYS with dongle-based licensing for their engineering tool plugin features, OEM project protection, an API for PLC applications and licensing tasks, and copy protection for PLC target code.

B&R, an ABB company, chose a similar model and, with the same hardware dongle they not only protect their own IP, but also make the same container available to their customers, thanks to its multi-vendor capabilities.

Kontron has embedded CodeMeter in its APPROTECT technology and CodeMeter ASIC onto all their newest embedded computing module designs to provide a ready-made and inherently IP protected solution that leaves their customers the freedom to simply choose the licensing models that fit their business game best.

With CodeMeter and its software-based license containers, Phoenix Contact found the comprehensive, secure, and flexible licensing solution it needed for licensing not only PC software tools, but also device functionalities or PLC program libraries. Phoenix Contact has formally qualified Wibu-Systems’ technology for licensing PC Worx Engineer.

Rockwell Automation uses a combination of dongles and flash memory secure cards for source protection for their Studio 5000 Logix Designer, execution protection for application code on the Allen Bradley ControlLogix 5580, CompactLogix 5380, and CompactLogix 5480 PLCs, and online license and entitlement management.

Siemens has introduced a password provider API for their TIA portal. Wibu-Systems offers a cloud-based secure password management solution based on CodeMeter Password Provider, CodeMeter Password Manager, CodeMeter License Central, WebDepot, and CodeMeter dongles, which streamline the assignment and control of passwords and protect engineering data.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of WIbu-Systems, explains his strategy: “To support original equipment manufacturers in transitioning their value chains from hardware to software, we want to offer our protection, licensing, and security technology on multiple levels, facilitate its integration, and reduce the bottom line costs. To that end, our focus is to keep selecting the leading operating systems, the dominant architectures, and high-profile solution partners for CodeMeter to become a pervasive added strength in their business tactics”.

Wibu-Systems’ will exhibit CmStick/B along with its complete portfolio of embedded computing licensing solutions at Embedded World 2018, in Nuremberg, Germany, February 27-March 1, Hall 4, Booth 360. Also, the company’s Blurry Box software protection method was chosen as one of three nominees for the Embedded Award 2018 in the software category.

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