Embedded World 2020 – Wibu-Systems at the crossroads of the industrial transformation


The Coronavirus outbreak does not affect Wibu-Systems’ plans and activities

CodeMeter – the Catalyst of the IoT driven Economy at Embedded World

Wibu-Systems, the German pioneer reshaping business models in the industrial realm with its CodeMeter technology, is back at Embedded World, the most iconic European event for the embedded community. While the company’s main exhibit can be found in hall 4, booth 320, its solutions are featured across the fairgrounds at a large number of solution partners, industry associations, and developer conclaves as live proof of the unparalleled adaptability and wide array of use cases of the technology.

Even though the Coronavirus (COVID-19) made it impossible for some exhibitors to participate in the event, Wibu-Systems won’t miss the opportunity to galvanize the live audience. The disease outbreak did not disrupt the vendor’s supply chain either: with electronics manufacturers based in Taiwan, China (outside of the Hubei region), and Germany, and with large inhouse stocks of its hardware secure elements always available, the company is able to meet incoming demands for CodeMeter and its legacy WibuKey products.

At the show with a large team of product specialists on hand to accompany the customers throughout their complete lifecycle journey, Wibu-Systems will present the many interoperable modules of its flagship technology and the countless integrations in the field that are infusing greenfield and brownfield applications with digital asset protection, versatile license management, and cutting-edge endpoint security.

Attendees at Embedded World can start their discovery journey at Wibu-Systems’ exhibit (4-320), where the entire gamut of hardware, software, and cloud solutions for propelling software-based businesses after safeguarding the associated digital know-how is on display. Visitors to the booth can thus understand how they can transform their own go-to-market strategies by leveraging their software resources, cut their investment in hardware and its logistics, and ultimately reduce their climate footprint.

The next stop is Infineon Technologies (3A-225), where visitors can then assess the robustness of the smart card chip that forms the beating heart of every Wibu-Systems’ dongle, whether it comes in a USB dongle, secure memory card, or ASIC form factor. It is in this chip itself that the encrypted secrets (digital keys and licenses) are safely stored.

The collaboration with Infineon continues at the Trusted Computing Group’s exhibit (1-500), where Wibu-Systems will hold daily demonstrations of its CodeMeter integration with Infineon’s Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology. Here is also where, on 25 February at 1 pm, the two companies will be joined by the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT) for an interactive panel discussion on the potential security vulnerabilities brought about the Industrial Internet of Things. Right after, the group that will also include Cyber Pack Ventures and Cypress, will move to the Weka conference room, NCC East, ground floor from 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm to host a number of sessions on the security repercussions of Industrie 4.0. In particular, Guenther Fischer, Wibu-Systems’ Senior Consultant, Licensing and Protection, will delve into the protection technologies aimed at defending embedded software from piracy, reverse engineering, and tampering.

At the SD Association’s exhibit (3A-634), Wibu-Systems will present its hardware secure elements based on the SDA specifications, namely CmCard/SD and CmCard/microSD, in in-booth seminars taking place every day from 2.00 pm to 2.30 pm. Our speaker will elaborate on the benefits of combining CodeMeter hardware units with nand flash memory and the proficient use that OEMs can make of the read-only, password protected, and hidden partitions to save configuration and production data securely.

Also, extremely relevant for the embedded community are the joint initiatives with OSADL and Wind River. At the Open Source Automation Development Lab’s exhibit (4-168), Wibu-Systems will focus the attendees’ attention on software monetization and superior code quality. Back at Wibu-Systems’ exhibit on 26 February at 3.00 pm, Wibu-Systems will demonstrate the turnkey integration between CodeMeter and VxWorks, which provides integrity protection, authenticity, IP and copy protection, certificate management, license and entitlement management as well as hardware, software, and cloud-based key storage.

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