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Flexible License Portal

A license portal can increase customer satisfaction and reduce operating costs by offering self-service functions. Your users are given a ticket, which they can use to activate their licenses, transfer licenses from computer to computer, or recover a lost license themselves. As a developer, you have three basic variants of license portals at your disposal: A ready-to-use WebDepot, a customizable CustomDepot, and powerful web services for seamless integration with any portal that you might already be using.

For a quick start, WebDepot is typically the ideal solution, and it can easily be changed and expanded later on to become a CustomDepot. WebDepot allows you to adjust the color scheme, the fonts, and the logo to match your corporate design. But even if you choose the ready-made WebDepot, the customization options do not have to be limited to such surface aspects.

All in one piece

One of the most common customizations is the ability to activate a ticket as a single, inseparable item. You can use this setting to make sure that your users do not split up different licenses from a single ticket and share them across several CmContainers. Typical use cases would be product bundles or updates for specific licenses.

You can combine this feature with the ability to hide all licenses on a ticket except for the most current one. Under the hood, all previous licenses are also activated or deactivated, as the case might be.

Spring cleaning tickets

Maintenance contracts or subscriptions will often mean that a single ticket slowly gets crowded with many licenses. Most of them might be outdated and have already been replaced by a new license. WebDepot can automatically clean up these licenses and dump them into a garbage ticket.

Check before activating

The newest version of WebDepot comes with an interface with which you, as the developer, can add functionalities. It enables you to include certain checks before every activation, deactivation, or reactivation. You can check the dependencies and settings and either return relevant messages or start defined automatic actions.

Also for gateways

All settings in WebDepot are also available in the new version of ActivationGateway. Both WebDepot and ActivationGateway are based on the same source code, with ActivationGateway representing the scripts that are executed on the server. The user interface appears as ActivationWizard on your users’ computer. WebDepot provides the interface and the functions under the hood.

Custom tables

You can tailor the tables in WebDepot to suit your choices, e.g. how the lists are sorted or which columns are displayed. The new version gives you an interface with which you can set up your own tables. You can now include e.g. drop-down or fully sortable tables.

With the many configuration settings and versatile interfaces for your own code, you can build WebDepot to match your unique needs and workflows perfectly.


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