IoT Conference for Manufacturing Industry

JP Tower Hall & Conference (KITTE 4F)Room C, Tokyo, Japan

The manufacturing industry as a whole is going through a genuine epochal shift with the increasing use of smart industrial robots and IoT/AI technology, creating a business landscape that is completely different from that of conventional industry. Promoting the IoT and the digitalization of manufacturing in smart factories promises massive improvements in productivity/capacity utilization and enables diversification in the era of high-mix low-volume production / variable production. As customers’ needs and expectations continue to expand, the range of responses to them is likely to transform at the same frenetic pace. This conference dedicated to the IoT in the manufacturing industry offers a stimulating program on the practical realities in modern manufacturing and is set to answer some of the most pressing questions faced by manufacturers at this juncture. 

Wibu-Systems will join the debate with a talk on "Learn by use case! Security measures for IoT devices and monetization of software". Join the talk in Room C between 13:35-14:15 to hear more about how Wibu-Systems is assisting the transition in the manufacturing industry.

The software for operating IoT devices is traditionally treated as mere accessory to the hardware. This vastly underestimates its importance and its potential – and distracts from the severe security risks and commercial harm that may stem from poor IT security. This talk highlights Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter solution for software protection and monetization with actual use cases that showcase its application with IoT devices, the role of encryption, and the opportunities for planning a software-driven business by creating versatile licensing models.

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