WIBU-SYSTEMS AG Headquarters

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Contact Details

Zimmerstrasse 5
76137 Karlsruhe
Oliver Winzenried

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If you reach us by car

Parking is available in our visitors' parking lot and in the immediate vicinity of the company building (area outlined in turquoise in the enlarged section).

How to reach us by public transport

From the central railway station, walk to the forecourt.

  • Take a taxi. You can reach your destination in about 10 minutes, at a cost of approximately 12 euros.
  • Walk your way to your destination. It's healthy and good for the environment. You can cover the 2.3 km to our premises in about half an hour.
  • Take any of the following trams:
    • Option 1
      • S4, direction "Eppingen", "Bretten", or "Heilbronn/Öhringen"
      • S7/S8, direction "Tullastraße"
      • S1/S11, direction "Neureut", "Hochstetten", or "Leopoldshafen"
      • 2, direction "Wolfartsweier"
      • At "Ettlinger Tor/Staatstheater", leave the subway and walk to the above-ground stop by the same name; then take tram no. 5 in the direction of "Durlach Bahnhof" and get off at the stop "Wolfartsweierer Straße"
    • Option 2
      • 3, direction "Rintheim"
      • At "Rüppurrer Tor", switch to tram line 5, direction "Durlach Bahnhof". Get off at stop "Wolfartsweierer Straße"

Explore the interior of our headquarters for a captivating glimpse

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